‘The Good Doctor’ 6×06 recap: “Hot and Bothered”

Well, it’s been some time, but we’re excited for The Good Doctor 6×06!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 6, “Hot and Bothered,” aired November 21, 2022.

The tensions are a’rising on The Good Doctor in SO many ways. Especially between Shaun and Danica…not looking too good. It’s been a few weeks, so be sure to catch up on the drama before we dig into The Good Doctor 6×06!

It’s getting hot in herrrreee

And by hot, we mean temperature-wise. As I’m writing this, it’s like twenty degrees out, so I feel conflicted. Shaun and Danica talk Lim’s surgery, and they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on it. Once Danica tells Shaun she told Lim not to rush the decision, he’s quick to pull seniority on her. The doctors are soon pulled away because with the heat wave comes a wave of new patients. And Shaun keeps on pulling seniority on Danica.

Park’s 90-year-old patient wants surgery, but he advises against. Though he advises against the surgery, she wants a second opinion. Morgan and Asher are on the scene for a missing patient when Asher asks her what’s going on with her. However, it’s Morgan, so she’s not about to spill the tea.

Shaun and Danica are working in the IT lab. Does Shaun ever just work where he’s supposed to? When Lea asks why he’s being short with Danica, he simply tells her he thinks she’s annoying. Ah — I didn’t realize Morgan and Danica are quite similar until Shaun pointed it out.

No good news today

Jordan and Daniel’s patient only has a few short hours to live. Meanwhile, Glassman comes by to check on Park’s patient. Just like Park told her, removing the tumor could be very risky for her. Despite all that, she still insists on having the surgery. She’s a tough old lady, that’s for sure! Glassman tells Park they are going through with the surgery. I’m surprised Glassman is onboard with this.

During surgery, Shaun lists all that he doesn’t like about Danica. I have to say, not very professional. However, Danica is quick to give it right back to him. Things don’t get any better when Shaun kicks her off the case. 

Morgan confesses to Asher that her life hasn’t gone as planned — not being a surgeon or getting married and having kids. Wow, that’s the most emotional I’ve seen Morgan in a while. They then come across their patient who starts to run away from Asher. This is pretty entertaining to watch.

Basketball and surgery (separately, obviously)

Lim does take Danica’s offer to play on her wheelchair basketball league. However, Shaun’s patient wants Danica to come back on the case to challenge everything Shaun says. He says challenging is good in work, and if Danica doesn’t come back, he wants a new surgeon. He goes to Glassman about not liking Danica, but he tells Shaun he has to find common ground with her. Glassman seems to be in better spirits lately, which is good to see! In the end, Danica is put back on the case.

Turns out the old man Asher and Morgan found was not their patient, so they kidnapped a man. Oh gosh. More keeps going wrong as the temperatures begin to skyrocket inside until everything just goes dark in Lea’s hub.

They do end up operating on the 90-year-old woman. During the surgery, Park still insists on stopping the surgery so the woman can have at least a little more time feeling like herself. The surgery continues.

A bit of a challenge

Shaun tries his best to find some common ground with Danica, but it seems a bit harder than he thought. The fact that he just tells Danica he doesn’t like her…smh. The lack of common ground continues through the surgery as Shaun shoots down every idea she has. However, as they come up with a solution, everything goes dark. Oh no. Not to fret because Danica introduces a wartime medical solution to improvise while the power is out.

Back to the kidnapping, Morgan and Asher are trying to figure out where the man came from. While they’re trying to figure it out, Asher tells Morgan he knows Park and her are getting back together. He ships it, too! Jerome comes in with some good (maybe bad) news that the man’s family is coming to pick him up. His family member is an attorney, which might not go well? Except it does because the man is appreciative of them for potentially saving his life.

Thankfully, the power goes back on. Park’s patient does come out of surgery doing well. Morgan tells Asher the hole in her life isn’t a boyfriend, it’s that she wants a child. I’m glad we’re bringing that storyline back from last season when she discussed it with Park.

More of The Good Doctor 6×06 musings

  • Park’s 90-year-old patient hitting on him…lol.
  • Daniel is so sweet to his patients — his bedside manner kind of reminds me of Park’s.
  • Asher spying on his co-workers on Tinder is everything. He’s all about that tea, and I respect him for that.
  • Everyone knew it was going to be 100+ degrees, so why are they all in long sleeves? Come on.
  • I could totally see a real romance between Lim and the fellow doctor on the wheelchair basketball team.
  • Jordan letting their patient see Paris through VR was very sweet.
  • Now I really want pudding.

Temperatures and tensions rose during The Good Doctor 6×06! What did you think of the episode? Comment your thoughts below or tweet us!


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