‘The Good Doctor’ 6×05 recap: “Growth Opportunities”

Who is ready for The Good Doctor 6×05? 

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 5, “Growth Opportunities,” aired October 31, 2022.

Happy Halloween! Last episode was another emotional rollercoaster, and we expect this week will be, too. However, it’s Halloween at St. Bons, so it’s going to be a fun time! If I’m recalling correctly, this is the first holiday-themed episode. Let’s see what happens in The Good Doctor 6×05!

An idea and costumes

Shaun brings his idea about Lim’s surgery to Andrews, Lim and Glassman. Andrews is hopeful about the idea, but Glassman is poking holes in his idea. It’s time to better the ideas, per Andrews’s request. Shaun goes off to his patient, but not before asking why Asher is green. Did you forget Halloween, Shaun? 

Park and Daniel help a patient and notice the patient’s brother may have something wrong with him. The brother says he will do whatever it takes to still take care of his brother. This storyline is so sweet. Meanwhile, Lim is trying to find an out for maybe a date. Morgan has opinion on ALL the outfits because of course she does. 

Apparently, Shaun’s patient’s results came back, revealing that her dad is not her biological dad. Because Shaun is into the delegating idea, he’s tasked Asher and Danica to break the news to the parents. Oh gosh. So, off they go. They tell the mom that the pacemaker is working well, but the condition comes from both parents. It’s then the mom realizes what that means. Asher and Danica ask the woman for the man’s name, so they can make him aware in case he has kids who could be in danger.

Date or no?

Morgan goes to Lim’s apartment to help her pick out an outfit for her date. Lim, however, is having some second thoughts, wondering how much she actually likes him. Speaking of liking someone, Daniel tells Jordan he likes her, but he tells her he can’t date anyone at the moment. I wonder what that story is…

As Danica and Asher talk to the biological dad, a fight breaks out. Resulting in Asher getting a fist to his face, as well. The result of the delegation: probably an F, if by Shaun telling them they did a terrible job has any indication to his thoughts. Shaun is really working the rounds today, going to Glassman again about the surgery. However, Glassman is super upset with Shaun and wants him to apologize to Lim. When asked how long he’ll be mad, Glassman responds, “I don’t know.” While that’s happening, their patient’s liver is failing, and they don’t have a match…except maybe the father. This time, Shaun will talk to the man.

Park’s patient, who has pancreatic cancer, also has some unpleasant news, and his first thoughts are of what is going to happen to his brother after he passes. Park goes to Shaun to ask if he can talk to the brothers about his similar experience. Unfortunately, Shaun isn’t willing to help.

Time for a talk

When Shaun goes to talk to his patient’s biological father, the man tells him that he doesn’t want to give his liver. That guy straight up sucks. Because Shaun, Asher and Danica all failed at talking to the biological father, Shaun deduces they have to figure out a solution together. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jordan go to talk to their patient. Daniel tells his story of his brother who had gotten addicted to heroine. He tells the patient that his brother can handle it and he needs to know the truth.

After Glassman’s flashback with his daughter, he tells Shaun that no matter how mad he gets, he still loves him. In the end, Glassman says there might be something that could work for Lim’s surgery. Let’s hope he’s right. Outside of the hospital, Lea is at a bar where the biological dad of Shaun’s patient is performing. She shows him a video of his daughter singing…sneaky. It turns out, that the video did the trick, as he shows up to the hospital.

On Lim’s date, they arrive at the restaurant where her dates notices there are only stairs. However, he asks the hostess if they can bring a table down for them. Okay, this man better be one of the good ones for Lim! She leans over to kiss him, but he rejects it. I don’t know, man, that seemed like a date to me. Way to mislead her.

Elevator convos

Danica and Lim are in the elevator when she urges Lim to not do the surgery. Hmm. Danica says she would’ve done anything to get her leg back, but she’s happy with her life now. In the locker rooms, Daniel confesses that he’s the one who was addicted to heroine, not his brother. Ah — that’s the reason he’s not ready to date. Good for him for being honest and for telling Jordan.

Lim tells everyone she’s not going to go through with the surgery. When Shaun asks why, he starts to get upset, as does Glassman. After his talk with Lea, Shaun does end up talking with the two brothers to try to help them through this difficult time. Good for Shaun.

More of The Good Doctor 6×05 musings

  • Asher singing with his patient is really cute.
  • Glassman’s patient only getting bits and pieces of the convo between him and Shaun is making me laugh.
  • Morgan talking about losing Park *cries*.
  • Park is so sweet. SO SWEET. I really do love his character. 
  • I totally get why Glassman is upset with Shaun, and he does need to talk some responsibility. 
  • The conversation between the two brothers was so heartbreaking. The way they understand one another.

It was so fun seeing everyone’s costumes in this episode. What did we think of The Good Doctor 6×05? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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