‘The Good Doctor’ 6×04 recap: “Shrapnel”

It’s time for The Good Doctor 6×04!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 4, “Shrapnel,” aired October 24, 2022.

The tension just keeps building, and we can only assume this episode will be no different. Don’t forget to brush up on last week’s episode. Now, let’s jump in!

Feeling…upset? Because I am.

Lea senses that Shaun may be upset, but he quickly shuts that down. Shaun seems fine with Lim not wanting to be friends with him any longer. Lim seems to be chipper today, and maybe developing a little crush on her neighbor? Seems like Park has moved on from Morgan…with a woman who he finds out has a husband. Seriously? Gross.

A military reenactor comes in that Shaun, Danica and Asher attend to. Meanwhile, Park shows up late to his shift, which Morgan quickly calls him out on. To which he rubs in his wild night. Again, seriously? Their patient is missing his foot. Park sends Daniel and Jordan to be on the scene so they can attend to the foot once it’s found in the water. 

Glassman and Morgan are also bickering on which cases the other wants. Kind of love that. Lea shows up in the clinic to talk to Glassman about Shaun and Lim. Unlike the usual times, Glassman says Shaun has to deal with his issue himself.

Explosive, indeed.

As Shaun, Danica and Asher are operating on their patient, some kind of firework goes off within the man. Asher’s reaction would have been mine because what the heck? Danica is getting a little sassy with their patient. Later, Asher and Danica come to the conclusion that they’re going to have to amputate. However, Shaun does not want to amputate.

Meanwhile, Shaun goes to Andrews about sharing an office with Park, and he encourages Shaun to make it work. Park is none too happy with the new office arrangement Shaun did without his permission. Park is getting a little testy. Something on your mind? Or, perhaps, someone?

Park’s patient is still waiting for his foot to be found. “Maybe some people are meant to be alone,” the patient says, to which Park tells him his failed relationship woes. I thought maybe he’d be like ‘oh, I need to be back with Morgan.’ I guess I was wrong. Jordan and Daniel show up to the beach, but there’s still no sign of a foot.

Beach day!

Daniel and Jordan get to talking. In fact, he thinks Jordan should take up yoga. This is cute. At the hospital, without the foot, Park can’t get the wound to stop bleeding, making a decision to rush him to the OR. As Jordan and Daniel are packing up to leave, the foot is found. I am amazed they’re able to do whatever they’re doing with the foot in a moving car. After examining the foot, Park deems it good work, and it’s time to reattach.

Asher and Danica are still trying to find another solution when Asher asks her why she joined the Navy. She asks why he’s obsessed, which I, too, am wondering about. Danica snaps at him and things get kind of awkward. Thankfully, in his new office, Shaun is able to come up with a solution. During surgery, Asher says they have to amputate, but Shaun has a vision and knows what to do. It ends up being a success, and they’re able to save his arm.

Coming to blows

Glassman pays Shaun a visit and wants him to accept some responsibility for Lim’s surgery and not shrug it all off. Shaun is not pleased with the course of the conversation, ordering him to leave his office. They’ve argued before, but will this one be easily forgiven?

Both patients have successful surgeries! Yay, team. As the day comes to an end, Asher apologizes to Danica and admits that he was being judgmental. That’s a step in the right direction. It’s then that Danica says she had a dream of playing professional soccer, but she tore her DCL. The offer to play professionally was suddenly gone, but the Navy still wanted her to play. She says joining the Navy was the best decision she’s ever made. I like her.

Daniel leans in to kiss Jordan, but then pulls back, saying he can’t. Um? Lim does score a date with her neighbor. Meanwhile, Park is swiping on his apps when he comes across Morgan’s profile and he seems…reminiscent? Time to mend some fences, Park. Shaun rushes over to Glassman’s house, telling him he knows how to cure Lim’s paralysis. I hope he’s right.

More The Good Doctor 6×04 musings

  • That Park opening scene…eye roll.
  • I still like Morgan and Park’s bickering, but I wish they would just stop and get back together. GOSH.
  • I love Jordan — she’s great!
  • Why does Asher keep pushing Danica to talk about her time in war?
  • Shaun moving into a storage closet for an office is such a Shaun thing to do. I gotta imagine the lighting isn’t so great in there.
  • The look Park gave when Daniel says those in great relationships had rocky starts. HMMMMMM.
  • $70 olive oil?! Fancy, Lim.
  • This relationship between her neighbor and her better not end in heartbreak. Lim needs a win.

Phew, that was an episode filled with a lot of tension, the good kind and the bad kind. Next week is a Halloween episode, which should be fun. That’s new territory for the show! What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! 


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