‘The Good Doctor’ 6×03 recap: “A Big Sign”

Who is ready for The Good Doctor 6×03?!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 3, “A Big Sign,” aired October 17, 2022.

Welp, last episode was a cliffhanger for the angst that is about to come between Shaun and Lim. And honestly, that makes me real sad. A lot of things in this show are making me real sad. However, I am still here watching, so let’s dig into The Good Doctor 6×03!

Married life and a divorce…group?

Shaun and Lea are married af, and Lea wants to invite Park and Morgan to a dinner party. Of course, Shaun mentions they’d have less plates by the end of the dinner party lol. Accurate, though.

Meanwhile, Lim is looking into the surgery Shaun did on her to find anything she can to prove it was the wrong choice.

A girl comes into the ER in hysterics, as Park, Jordan and Danica rush her to the OR. Jordan and Park offer the girl’s mom and her mom’s boyfriend (I think) two options, and they have differing opinions on what should happen.

Morgan and Shaun’s patient is a marriage counselor. Uh oh. Shaun calls a meeting between Lim, Park, Glassman and Andrews for a “Meeting of the Divorced.” Oh my gosh. Park starts and his biting words about Morgan is…uh, not promising for reconciliation. Lim ends the meeting, telling Shaun to talk to Lea about any problems he has. She’s right.

Let’s hear some advice

Of course, Shaun brings Lea in while he’s treating his patient because she’s a marriage counselor. This seems a little inappropriate. Apparently, the way they do dishes is a big red flag between them that his patient helps them talk through. Now, it’s Asher and Jerome’s turn to talk to Shaun’s patient. Their issue is Jerome working nights and being too tired for sex. Sex and dishes — quite the opposite relationship issues. 

Lim questions Glassman about Shaun’s decision for her surgery. Glassman says he was fine with Shaun’s call, but Lim doesn’t buy it. In the end, Glassman simply tells her that Shaun saved her life.

Turns out, Park’s patient has somehow gotten away. Kind of suspicious considering her mom was begging the doctors to let her daughter out. Do we think Danica or Jordan did it? Danica confesses to Park that she took the restraints off. I knew it was going to be her…Not looking good for Danica. Thankfully, they find the girl unharmed. Park comes to the conclusion that the girl has hydrocephalus.

Out of body experience 

Shaun’s patient says she was having visions of her husband, to which Daniel says she had a near death experience. However, Shaun puts that thought down quickly, as does Asher. The woman has two tumors. Daniel reassures the woman that her husband will wait for her when she gets there. He is so dang sweet!

Rightly so, Park is not happy about Danica’s decision to let their patient go, even if it saved her life. Danica tells the girl’s mom about a time when her parents had to decide whether to amputate her leg after an accident in the Navy — her parents had different opinions, too. She reveals that her mom’s decision won, and Danica had her leg amputated. Woah — she is bad ass.

Lim confronts Glassman again about Shaun’s decision. He is angry, but he’s more angry about the “what-if” aspect of it. After more pressing, Glassman confesses that he would have told Shaun to go with the original plan. For that, Lim is relieved that someone sees her side of the situation. When he says it’s not either or, Lim disagrees with that statement.

Stop — so sweet

As Jordan and Asher arrive at the hospital, Daniel comes walking up with breakfast for Jordan. So, after Asher teases her all episode about having a crush, she breaks down and admits that she does. Yes, girl. On the topic of love, Shaun’s patient tells him to always let Lea know how much he loves her. As they’re operating, the patient has a seizure. I hope this woman pulls through! Unfortunately, in the end, she does not make it. Oh no. As for the other patient, the young girl’s operation is a success and the family is back together. 

Shaun even lets Lea do the dishes with an encouraging sign to reassure her he loves her. Even though he’s not approving of how she’s doing the dishes. HA! In the end, Park thanks Danica for her service. Aww. We stan how sweet Park is.

Lim tells Shaun she doesn’t want to hear about Lea and him. It’s then she confesses she’s having complicated feelings about his call on her surgery and is angry about where she’s at. She then breaks off any personal relationship they have. It’ll be strictly professional between them. Sigh.

The Good Doctor 6×03 musings

  • Asher and Jordan watching Daniel without his shirt off was HILARIOUS.
  • My hope for Morgan and Park reconciling is looking slimmer and slimmer by the episode.
  • Jordan is right for having a crush on Daniel.
  • Asher and Jerome worked out their problem just fine, and Shaun and Lea did…well, for now.
  • I know I’m a fan of angst, but I am not a fan of angst when it becomes between my ship Parnick.
  • I’m really liking the new residents!

Well, here I am, the first cry of the season. I know it won’t be my last. I thought for sure we’d have more tension between Lim and Shaun, but it’s probably going to come in hot eventually. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×03? Tweet us or comment your thoughts below!


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