‘The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’ 1×07: “The Eye” review

Hope shines bright through the darkness.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’ 1×07 review: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Eye” Aired October 7, 2022

In the midst of the bleakest moment of the season is what turned out to be my favorite episode so far. 

Under Shadow

In the aftermath of the volcanoes eruption, a shell-shocked Galadriel stumbles across Theo who is frantically searching for his mother. But with carnage all around them, it’s obvious Galadriel things Bronwyn is dead and convinces Theo to retreat to the Numenorian camp.

I will admit a certain doubt about seeing these two characters together (and yeah, Theo has not been my favorite) but somehow these two really gelled. Their quiet conversations about grief and guilt really softened both characters in much needed ways. It really gave me hope that both Theo and Galadriel won’t always be the rage-filled furballs they have been thus far. 

One thing that really hung me up was when Galadriel said that her husband, Celeborn, is ‘lost.’ Uhhhhh…. What? We saw him in the Fellowship of the Ring, so we know he’s not dead. So why does Galadriel seem to think so? Is it all to set up some capital ‘D’ drama in season two when Galadriel and Halbrand inevitably get together?

Morfydd Clark (Galadriel), Tyroe Muhafidin (Theo)

Mounting Losses

The Numenorians have been dealt some heavy losses, starting with Isildur and Miriel. While trying to evacuate the survivors, Isildur becomes trapped in a burning building, and seems to perish. The same fire and ash shoot into Miriel’s eyes. Blinding her. It’s a double loss that hits all of them hard.

Now, we all know that Isildur isn’t really dead. Call it the curse of the prequel undercutting some of the dramatic tension. But the show has done a really good job of establishing Elendil’s character. And actor Llyod Owen really hit it out of the park this episode, in playing a father who believes his son is lost. Add to this the surprising loss of Miriel’s sight and it truly is a dark night of the soul for the Numenorians. 

But Miriel isn’t ready to quit. She and her people sail home. But they will return. 

Mithril and monsters

Durin IV and Elrond have returned to Moria to beg King Durin III for help. And for one shining moment, it seems like maybe they’ve convinced him. Buuuut nah. Remember this episode is the storytelling ‘darkest hour’ moment for this season. Everything is lost. Including the elves’ ticket to immortality.

But of course Durin isn’t ready to sign his bestie’s death certificate. They sneak into the deepest part of the mine and open up a hole that reveals more mithril than they could ever have imagined. And naturally that’s when they get caught. Elrond is kicked out and Durin loses his title. But things are far from over.

I can’t help but feel that war is on the horizon– just not with Sauron. But between the elves and the dwarves. I doubt Gil-Galad is going to hear about the mithril Elrond saw and just say, ‘oh, well.’ He’s going to try and seize it. And he may have an unlikely ally in Durin IV.

Markella Kavenagh (Elanor ‘Nori’ Brandyfoot), Lenny Henry (Sadoc Burrows),

Strangers come and go

The Stranger finally wore out his welcome with the Harfoots this week. In trying to revive the burned-out grove where the Harfoots want to settle, a tree branch falls, nearly crushing Nori’s younger sibling. I’ll admit to being annoyed with the Harfoots about this. The Stranger just spent how many days/weeks helping you get to your destination and you’re kicking him out now that he’s not useful to you? 


The Stranger leaves without much of a fuss (making me think he’s got to be proto-Gandalf, right?) which is when the three mysterious individuals in cultist robes appear. The one called the Dweller in the show’s credits seems to be able to track the Stranger. When they move to follow, Nori leaps out and tries to lead them in the wrong direction.

No dice. The Dweller burns the Harfoot caravans to the ground. It does galvanize the Harfoots and Poppy, Nori, Nori’s mother and Sadoc set out to find the Stranger before he can be found by the mysterious angry cultists. 

Burning question

Well, folks. We’ve got one more episode left this season and so far no Sauron sightings (much less the Hot Sauron we were promised). What are you all thinking? Have we already met Sauron-in-disguise? Any hopes of Adar being the true dark lord of Middle Earth seem to be dashed. 

Do you think Halbrand might fit the bill? He does know his way around a smith and as of the end of this episode, he is conveniently on his way to elf territory where Celebrimbor is preparing to forge the rings?

Is it the Stranger, who mysteriously appeared from a falling star and who wields magic that seems to hurt as often as it helps?

Is it the Dweller? Perhaps this light-haired individual is Sauron hunting down and killing one of the few magic users strong enough to give them a run for their money?

Let me know who you think Sauron might be in the comments!

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The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power 1×07 Highlights

  • Ontamo is dead! Noo. Durin and Disa need to stop making jokes– the comedic relief characters are like the red shirts from Star Trek, and I will not be okay if they die!
  • Well Galadriel and Halbrand are on their way to Lindon. It could put Halbrand back in contention as Sauron, but I like the theory that Halbrand is the traitor king whose ghost army Aragorn will someday summon to fight Sauron in The Return of the King.

Greta Kelly

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