‘The Good Doctor’ 6×02: “Change of Perspective”

Alright, are we in for another night of tears for The Good Doctor 6×02? I’m going to go ahead and say probably.

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 2, “Change of Perspective,” aired October 10, 2022.

The season 6 premiere was upsetting for many reasons. Needless to say, I am nervous for the path of the rest of the season, but I’m also excited. Let’s see what happens in the newest episode of The Good Doctor!

Welcome back, Lim!

Lim is adjusting to her life after surgery left her paralyzed, and I hate this for her. She deserved some relief after everything she’s been going through. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shaun and Park move into their new office together as attendings. Yay! When Lim arrives, all of the doctors greet her with a loud round of applause after a few months away. Despite Jordan and Asher’s disagreement over Shaun’s decision causing Lim’s paralysis, Lim thanks Shaun for saving her life.

We then met our new residents: Danica and Daniel. Shaun is with Danica and Asher this week, and before Park can have Jordan and Daniel assist him, Morgan comes sweeping in with some seething remarks for Park. I also hate this. Their squabbling is so childish, especially in front of two new residents. 

Andrews isn’t 100% sure that Lim should be in the operating room, but she’s quick to put him in his place. She’s doing the surgery. During Shaun’s surgery, he calls it off to find a better heart for their patient.


Danica is able to calm down their patient’s wife, who is also a surgeon. We also learn that Danica spent some time in Afghanistan. This woman is strong asl. When the idea of using a pig’s heart is suggested, she immediately shuts that down — labeling it as an immoral decision. Shaun tells her that her refusing to do the surgery would be insubordination, but he lets her sit out anyway. Welcome, conflict.

Jordan and Daniel’s patient is a little…agitated. Morgan, Jordan and Daniel takes their patient’s issue to Park. Morgan and Park suggest different things, and Daniel comes to the conclusion they can do both options. I’m going to need these two to get over themselves and get back together.

During Lim’s surgery, it seems to be taking a lot out of her. When Andrews asks if she needs help, she immediately shuts him down. This is so upsetting. Moments later, when Andrews asks her if she’s okay, she tells him that she’s not, and he takes over. 

Shaun’s a big boss now

While Lim’s in PT, Glassman comes limping in with his pulled back. Glassman suggests that Lim lower the patient while doing surgery and everyone can follow suit. I like that idea! Glassman gives Shaun advice this time about whether he should fire Danica or not. Lea’s advice is to fire her, and he likes that idea more than he likes Glassman’s idea of giving her some time. Ope.

Asher talks to Danica about her beliefs when Shaun asks to speak with her. Except the pig heart arrives, so firing is scheduled for a later date! The pig heart does arrive…and so does the pig named Wilbur. Oh my gosh — he’s so cute. I am with Danica on this one. All the kids wanting to pet the pig…STOP. Even though Shaun wanted to fire Danica, he ends up not, offering for her to watch the surgery, at the very least. Although not having to perform it.

In another operating room, Daniel and Jordan get to talking when Morgan comes in accusing them of flirting. Oh, Morgan.

Work things out

Lim is able to operate after all and successfully! 

Shaun begins to operate on the pig, and he admits that it’s harder than he would have thought. I can’t watch this. Thankfully, Jerome comes in with news that there’s another heart they can utilize for their patient. Right place, right time, I’d say! Their patient’s surgery ends up going well, and Shaun is quick to say it was because of the team effort. Well, not Danica. 

Andrews calls Morgan and Park into his office, telling them to work it out. Like kids in the principal’s office. Seriously, y’all need to work it out! Like, for real, for real.

More of The Good Doctor 6×02 thoughts

  • Lea’s button she gave Park and Shaun would go right in the trash.
  • Lim telling Morgan to get over her break up drama. HA!
  • Okay, I am liking Danica so far — she seems very professional and calm. Kind of reminds me of Claire.
  • The conversation between Nurse V and Lim was very sweet.
  • Shaun just firing people on his first day as attending is so in character.
  • I love that the nurses were helping Lim adjust the table, so she might have a chance to operate.
  • Love how the pig is just sleeping in a hospital bed. That’s amazing — love that for Wilbur.
  • Aww no, they have to euthanize Wilbur. But wait! Jordan and Daniel’s patient is adopting Wilbur?!
  • Jordan has a crrrruuuussshhhhh!
  • OMG Lim saying she hates Shaun and blames him. I have chills!

Well, despite my annoyance over the Morgan and Park situation, it was, once again another great episode. And we have new residents to boot! Next episode looks tense, to say the least. What did you think of The Good Doctor 6×02? Comment below or tweet us.


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