‘The Good Doctor’ 6×01 recap: “Afterparty”

Welcome back to The Good Doctor 6×01!

The Good Doctor review: Season 6, Episode 1, “Afterparty,” aired October 3, 2022.

Episode 5×18 ended on a bad note. Shaun and Lea tied the knot, but Lim was left stabbed and her fate was unknown when the credits rolled. Talk about a cliffhanger to leave you with for, like, what, 5 months? We have two episodes of season 5 left, and then buckle up for another season of what I am sure will be tears, yelling and maybe some hope. Let’s dig in to The Good Doctor 5×19!

Not a happy ending to the day

The wedding is winding down, and Lea and Shaun are as happy as ever. Park? He’s feeling some sort of way about Morgan wanting to take the job across the country. Lim is able to crawl over to nurse V to call Andrews for help, but he’s unable to hear her. In the elevator, Andrews and Glassman are unknowingly with the attacker. The attacker grabs the gun from an officer, and the hospital is officially in lockdown. I’m stressed. 

Jerome id’ed the man as nurse V’s ex-boyfriend. Asher and Morgan come across an ailing man while Shaun, Jordan and Lea rush to the break room to find both women lying in their own blood. Soon, Andrews, Glassman and Jerome also show up to the scene. They better find this guy! S.W.A.T. has arrived on the scene as they wheel the two women to surgery. 

Glassman entrusts Shaun to do the surgery, but he decides to switch up what he promised he would do. Why do I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well? As Asher’s making his way back to the room where Morgan and the patient are held, the gunman approaches him. Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh. I am so stressed right now.


Morgan opens the door to find Asher gone and the tray on the ground. Um, where the heck is he?! The S.W.A.T. team surrounds the gunman, but he pushes Asher into the room where Morgan and the patient are, taking them all hostage. I hate this. He asks Morgan and Asher how Nurse V is. What an awful human! It’s then the patient crashes. Asher and Morgan are forced to operate on their patient, and Morgan calls Park for help, but they can’t do it in that room without the patient dying. The gunman tells Morgan to take the patient to surgery and have Asher stay with him. NO!

Glassman is upset that Shaun changed the surgical plans. However, they are unable to go back to their original plan now. Thankfully, the surgery goes well and Shaun acknowledges that he made the right call after all. Now is not the time, Shaun. 

Lea asks Shaun if he’s alright because she’s concerned about him. Honestly, me too. As he gets the news Lim is waking up, Lea assures him she’s there if he needs her, to which he replies he doesn’t. Shaun, you okay?

Lim’s awake!

Lim and Nurse V are both going to be okay. Phew!

Asher is able to talk the gunman out of hurting anyone else, and her surrenders. Wait…as a S.W.A.T. officer orders him to drop a gun, a shot rings out. It turns out the gunman was shot, and they take him into surgery. There’s only one monitor to use, as Lim and the gunman both need the machine. Andrews decides they can go without the machine for Lim and use it on the gunman. Shaun is noticeably angry and upset over this decision. Rightfully so.

Lim goes into heart failure, and Shaun is having flashbacks to his brother’s death. Andrews instructs Jerome and Lea to get Shaun out of the room. Lea and Glassman both try to get Shaun’s attention, but he’s completely out of focus. However, he’s needed in the operating room. He’s got to pull through for Lim! Lea and Glassman put Shaun on FaceTime — that maybe he can help that way. 

So many OMGs

Lim’s surgery, once again is a success, thanks to Shaun. The hospital ends their lockdown. Everyone ends up surviving the stressful night. Shaun confides to Lea that he saw his brother and that he’s coming to terms with the fact that his death was not his fault. Good — he’s healing.

Morgan confesses she thought she was going to die, and all she was thinking about was Park, not the job. She says she turned down the job, but Park tells her that she made a mistake and should email them back. He tells her she chose the job over them. STOP. NO. DON’T! When he says she won’t change, she reassures him that she has, but he doesn’t see it as long term change. Why are you doing this to my shipper heart? WHY!?

Lim is paralyzed?! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

More The Good Doctor 6×01 thoughts

  • Shaun is remaining very clam tending to Lim and Nurse V.
  • Lea is on nurse duty. I feel so bad for her — this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.
  • All these doctors need a vacation to a tropical island after this.
  • Seeing the flashbacks of Shaun’s brother dying is making me real sad.
  • I’m glad it seems Shaun got closure from his brother’s death. Carrying that guilt was a lot for him.
  • Jerome and Asher reuniting *teary-eyed emojis*. So Sweet.
  • They did not just break up Morgan and Park. THEY DID NOT. I REFUSE.
  • I’m so sad for Lim!

What did we all think of The Good Doctor 6×01? So stressful! Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us or commenting below. We are so glad to be back…even if there are going to be, no doubt, lots of tears ahead.


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