‘The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’ 1×05: “Partings” review

Divisions tear through the lands of men

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’ 1×05 review: Season 1, Episode 5 “Partings” Aired September 23, 2022


The lands of men stand divided on this week’s ‘Rings of Power’ and its those divisions that may spell doom for both Numenor and the Southlands. But things are looking especially disastrous for the Southlands. Waldreg, the smarmiest character on the show, manages to convince nearly half of the Southlanders to bend the knee to Sauron… and when he realizes that Adar is not in fact Sauron, he swears fealty anyway, killing a villager in the process. Urgh. 

This show is not pulling any punches in showing the dichotomy of human nature, the ever present pull between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy. And I kind of love that about it. And while it’s not shying away from the darkness, it’s not all doom and gloom (looking at you, ‘Game of Thrones’.) 

Theo even manages to make a good choice this episode. (I know right?!) He shows Arondir the sword hilt. And while I’m still not sure what it is, Arondir recognizes it as a key of sorts that will unlock a great darkness. Let’s hope the fleet of Numenor reaches the Southlands in time to save the day.

A dark beginning

Speaking of the fleet of Numenor, the initial groundswell of support for saving the Southlands seems to have faded. There is now a vocal part of the populace who don’t want to go to war and are looking to Pharazon to stop it. 

I’ll admit that I was absolutely expecting Pharazon to send Miriel to war and take the throne of Numenor for himself. It still may shake out that way, but it also looks like he supports the war effort. Not for any decent reason, mind you. (That would be too easy, lol.) But he hopes to profit from the effort. 

His son, Kemen, is firmly against going to war. And because all the sons suck on this show (except, you Durin) Kemen decides the obvious solution is to burn two of the ships with an accidental assist from Isildur. Sigh. It will be interesting to see how the uneasy alliance between Isildur and Kemen works in the long run… I’m guessing it’s gonna be a big ole garbage fire.

The Bromance tested

Elrond’s word is put sorely to the test in this episode, when King Gil-Galad reveals that–oh, sorry– we did send you to the dwarves so we could steal their stuff. Apparently the elves need mithril or their immortal lives will fade into just really, super loooong lives. 

Elrond is clinging pretty hard and fast to his oath to Durin, even though all the denial really just reads as confirmation to me. Elrond ends up going to Durin and confessing the truth, and in a truly Tolkeinian twist, Durin’s like, “okay cool.” God, I love those guys.

Magic and menace

The Harfoots are on the trail to the Grove and lucky for them they have the Stranger for backup. When the caravan is attacked by wolves it’s the Stranger (and his mysterious powers) that save them.

Of course all that good will evaporates when–in apparently trying to heal himself– Nori is hurt. She runs away in terror, leaving everyone wondering: Is the Stranger good or bad? 

And when will Nori make up her mind already?

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The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power 1×04 Highlights

  • So we know Adar wants to turn off the sun… so the sword is like a giant magical lightswitch right 😉 
  • Halbrand totally swore fealty to Adar and was forced to kill one of his own. Calling it now!
  • Seriously though, all the young sons suck on this show. 
  • Who were those three individuals at the beginning of the show, the people from the east? And what do they want with the Stranger?

Greta Kelly

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