‘Critical Role’ 3×33 recap: Blood and Dust

Heroes Fall on Critical Role!

Critical Role’ 3×33 recap: Campaign 3, Episode 33 “Blood and Dust” Aired September 8, 2022

Prison Break

In the chaos of the attack, Imogen, Chetney and Orym head into the bowels of the Seat of Disdain to capture Armand Treshi. Unfortunately Artana Voe has beaten them to the punch. After a tense few moments where Treshi and Voe are each trying to figure out what side the Bells Hells are on, a deal is struck.

With Artana Voe.

The Bells Hells shove Armand Treshi into their portable hole, and high tail it out. Unfortunately they run into General Ratanish almost immediately and Imogen shoves Voe at him. She escapes, but the damage appears to be done because Voe disappears and not even Orym (with his insane passive perception) can perceive where she is… It’s too bad. They could have used her help later on. (Insert ominous music here.)

In the Yard

In the yard of the Seat of Disdain, chaos is everywhere. Unknown assailants are attacking the fortress, intent on destroying a mammoth crawler filled with mysterious gear. FCG, Ashton and Fearne use the distraction of the battle to steal a crawler as a means of escape. 

Laudna has decided to plant the tracker ring. On Otohan Thull herself. Laudna spider climbs up the walls of the fortress like something out of The Ring right to where Otohan is watching the battle. Laudna takes the warrior by surprise, which is probably the only reason she survives. Casting Darkness, Laudna places the tracker ring on the weird little rocket-man pack Otohan wears before jumping off the balcony and rejoining her friends. 


The Bells Hells make it out of the Seat of Disdain, and things are looking good. Which is usually when everything goes to hell. In this case, the Bells Hells race to Joe’s, turn a corner and walk right into Otohan Thull. Alone. In the middle of the street. One woman stands against all of the Bells Hells.

Alone. And yet not alone, because Thull manifests three shadow warriors– warriors that Orym recognizes as the ones who killed his husband. But even though the shadows are killed easily, Otohan is far, far more powerful than the Bells Hells. Within a single round,  Ashton is unconscious. Although Orym was able to bring them up with a healing potion, it’s obvious that the Bells Hells need to run. 


Escape is easier said than done. In quick succession Orym, Ashton and Fearne go down. FCG and Laudna do some quick healing to bring back Ashton and Fearne, but then Otohan sets her sights on Laudna, and she goes down. More than that, Otohan takes a third strike on the unconscious Laudna, forcing her to fail two death saves. But Delilah is there in Laudna’s mind, and she brings Laudna back up.

Orym isn’t as lucky. Otohan, realizing that the Bells Hells are more resilient than they seemed at first, took off her proverbial training gloves. When she attacks Orym, she doesn’t hold back. She kills him outright. 

Then Fearne. 

And all the while Otohan is taunting Imogen. Imogen is frantic, casting Dissonant Whispers at Otohan. And while it hits, it only seems to please Otohoan. Who turns and knocks Chetney unconscious.  

Imogen Unleashed

Imogen pleads with Otohan, saying she will go with her. That she surrenders. But Otohan doesn’t want Imogen to surrender to her, but to Imogen’s own powers. 

A call rises up within Imogen, a storm beginning to brew, begging to be released. Imogen– always self contained, Imogen, holds it back. Until Otohan goes after Laudna. Imogen screams that she’s giving up. It doesn’t stop Otohan, she attacks Laudna, rendering her unconscious again. Turns back to Imogen, smiling as she brings her sword to Laudna’s throat.

The magical storm raging within Imogen rises and is unleashed. The sky rips open, red and livid as reality around them shudders in warning. Buildings rip from their foundations. Screams. Terror. And with one final push:


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Critical Role 3×33 Highlights

  • So, Treshi is for sure dead, right? I mean they only had ten minutes to let him out or her was going to suffocate. Sooooo. Sorry, dude!
  • Otohan Thull knows that The Bells Hells are working for Lord Eshteross… NOOOOOO!
  • I think I heard Sam say that FCG had one Revivify in their pocket. So they can save either Fearne or Orym. Eek!
  • Orym called Dorian just as he was dying through the sending stones– can Dorian come back now and save everyone?
  • Don’t mind me, I’ll just be here crying forever.

Greta Kelly

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