‘Critical Role’ 3×27 recap: A Race for the Prize

Dusk is stirring up all kinds of drama with the Bells Hells on Critical Role!

Critical Role’ 3×27 recap: Campaign 3, Episode 27 “A Race for the Prize” Aired July 14, 2022

Meddling Dusk 

After a very long day, the Bells Hells retire for the evening knowing that they face some steep odds on the morrow, meeting with the Paragon’s Call. Imogen uses the moment of quiet to try and make up with Laudna. She asks if they can talk outside, and Laudna leaps on the chance. But Dusk steps in her way. 


I am squealing forever about this (and not only because I love a romantic subplot) but because it’s so FREAKING devious! We all know that Dusk is evil (Critical Role 3×26). They clearly marked the strain between Imogen and Laudna, a strain that’s in their best interest to maintain. After all, if Imogen and Laudna are busy fighting each other, they won’t have time to be suspicious of Dusk. 

Laudna basically runs away in a puddle of awkwardness, but Dusk isn’t done with mayhem yet. Before bed, Orym asks Dusk to spar. Not necessarily unusual, but I think Dusk clocked it as strange. Dusk didn’t win the spar (they are far too clever for that) but they did proposition Orym– embarrassing him so deeply in the process that he basically ran away. Now Orym’s mind is far too preoccupied to dwell on any of Dusk’s other oddness. 

The Seat of Disdain

As ordered, Ashton, Chetney, Dusk, Laudna and Fearne (in rat form) turn themselves in to the Paragon’s Call to state their business (Critical Role 3×25). Thanks to an unbelievably good persuasion roll, Ashton convinces General Ratanish that they came looking for work. But Ratanish isn’t in charge of new hires (WHAT?) so he goes to fetch the real boss.

A lithe, gray haired woman (who looks strikingly similar to the figure in Imogen’s dreams, Critical Role 3×26) enters the courtyard introducing herself as Otohan Thull, a legendary warrior from Bassura’s past. 

A choice of auditions

Otohan listens to the Bells Hells sales pitch, but doesn’t seem all that impressed. Not just anyone can work for the Paragon’s Call. They have to prove themselves, either in combat right here and now, or in the Death Wish Run race tonight at dusk.

The answer is obvious. They choose the run. But before they leave, Fearne darts out of Dusk’s cloak and sprints for Otohan. She manages to climb up the back of the warrior’s cape, curious to see what lies beneath. She finds what can only be described as a magical-looking rocketeer backpack… can’t wait to see that in action. Fearne barely makes it back to the group– almost getting squished by Ratanish, but a quick-thinking Dusk manages to save her. 

Setting up the chase

The Bells Hells now have one skirmish crawler being built, an emblem from the Call which will get them access to another crawler. An alliance with All Minds Burn to set traps along the race track. And the beginnings of a plan: Ashton and Chetney will drive. Laudna and Imogen will ride with them for magical back up. Orym and Dusk will try to hijack a crawler during the race (no big deal, lol). While Fearne causes mayhem in the way that only Fearne can do.

On your marks. Get set.


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Critical Role 3×27 Highlights:

  • Dusk is sooo good at being bad. Makes me wonder if they are going to stage an “accident” during the race to start picking off the Bells Hells.
  • FCG glitching is getting me really worried! They didn’t remember what Dancer looked like! Is this just emotional trauma, or is the damage more profound than we all realize?
  • The Witches are back together!!! So happy that Laudna and Imogen were able to bury the hatchet because their friendship is just too cute.
  • Fearne revealed her Nana gave her a green gem to pass on to her parents, but why? What does it do? Is Nana in on the mystery?
  • All Minds Burn gave Laudna some kind of drug which will let her join the hive mind. For the love of god, I hope she doesn’t take it. You just know that Laudna’s patron, Delilah, would take over that gang in two second flat!

Greta Kelly

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