‘Critical Role:’ Episode 26 “Hidden Truths” recap

The Bells Hells are uncovering secrets on "Hidden Truths"

Critical Role, “Hidden Truths” aired on July 7, 2022

The Bells Hells blindsided

I’ve had a lot of questions about Dusk ever since they rolled onto the scene. Would the Bells Hells stop to help out an outnumbered stranger? Sure. A stranger who has been to the fey wild and yet has almost no memory of their past? Well… it is fantasy. But what are the odds that the stranger would also be so well acquainted with Fearne’s parents? The alarm bells are going off. And with good reason.

As the Bells Hells tuck into sleep, Dusk receives a message in their mind. The Sorrowlord, Grove Captain of the Unseelie Court is calling to check in on Dusk’s progress– in hunting down Ollie and Birdie Calloway! The Calloway’s have stolen the Moontide Crown and escaped to the mortal realm. Soooo lucky that Dusk ran into their (secret) daughter and is being led straight to their prey.

Not only has Dusk been ordered to recover the Moontide crown. They’re going to end the Calloway line forever.

Troubled Dreams

Imogen’s dreams are back and worse than ever. She’s in the storm, and the strange woman is staring her down. Dozens of figures are arrayed around the stranger. They rush forward as Imogen’s mother screams at her to run. Imogen shoots up and catches the tail end of a lunar flare shooting off of the red moon Ruidus. Are the two events connected? I think so. But just as worryingly, is the pull Imogen feels when she sees the lunar flare. 


The next morning, when the Bells Hells go downstairs they find themselves in a roomful of Paragon’s Call mercenaries. Our heroes were less than stealthy while scouting the Paragon’s Call headquarters (Critical Role 3×25). The mercenaries tracked the Bells Hells back to their lodgings and have demanded an explanation… Which of course they don’t really have. Ashton grabs on to the best explanation that they can think of: they fought General Ratanish back in Jrusar (Critical Role 3×13). Ashton didn’t win, but they impressed Ratanish enough that he offered Ashton a job.

The mercenaries aren’t totally convinced, but the excuse buys the Bells Hells a single day. If they don’t report to the Paragon Call by then, the mercenaries will return on less friendly terms.

Gathering allies

The Bells Hells are, shall we say, less than confident in their ability to sweet talk Ratanish. Especially considering the fact that the only reason they wanted to get into the Paragon’s Call stronghold was to arrest Armand Treshi. Not like they were going to be able to walk in the front door, slap Treshi in irons and waltz out. So the Bells Hells do what they can to organize a plan B. 

Ashton takes part of the group to go see All-Minds-Burn, a rival gang/ crazy hive-mind. They suggest challenging the Paragon’s Call to the Deathwish Run. If you’re guessing that that sounds like some kind of fantasy drag race, you’d be absolutely correct. A fantasy drag race through teeming city streets where the only rule is to survive.

Yeah. This should be fun.

Minor details

While part of the Bells Hells go to All-Minds-Burn, Fresh Cut Grass, Fearne and Dusk go to Finders Keepers. The owner, Esme, is an old acquaintance of Dancer (FCG’s maker… and by acquaintance, I do mean ex-girlfriend). FCG buys a few wall-busting bombs and delivers the bad news: that Dancer is dead. She died months ago, attacked in the mine where FCG had been brutally wounded and all their fellow automatons murdered.

Esme looks at FCG for a long frozen moment. And busts out laughing.

Dancer isn’t dead. Esme saw her only a few weeks ago– a month, tops. She’s probably tucked up in The Ends drinking herself stupid. But when FCG goes searching The Ends, they don’t find their maker. Only the knowledge that Dancer didn’t make FCG at all– just recovered them from a passing trader.

Which leads to just one question: what else was Dancer lying about?

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Critical Role Episode 26 Highlights

  • Will Imogen and Laudna ever make up? It seemed like Imogen was going to make a step forward, but then spent the whole episode avoiding Laudna.
  • FCG looked so heartbroken when they found out that Dancer was alive and never came back for them! Dancer has a whole lot to answer for.
  • The Dusk reveal is breaking my brain. And they play the saboteur role so well too! Watching the episode I was laughing to myself at all the times Dusk ever so slightly pushed the Bells Hells into being their most chaotic (and reckless) selves. 
  • Are we about to have a car race??? I cannot wait to find out!

Greta Kelly

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