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‘Critical Role’ 3×25 recap: A Taste of Tal’Dorei

The Bells Hells are back and ready to take Treshi down… but first, lunch!

Critical Role’ recap: Campaign 3, Episode 25 “A Taste of Tal’Dorei” Aired June 30, 2022

A Taste of Tal’Dorei

The Bells Hells are back after four weeks away (see our last recap here) and man, I am so happy to see them! With their new friend, Dusk, in tow they head to the Taste of Tal’Dorei. The restaurant has a very tongue-in-cheek theme that will be instantly recognizable to viewers of campaign one. 

Too bad a Mid Evial Times-sized turkey leg can’t thaw the tension still simmering between Laudna and Imogen (Critical Role 3×23). The one-time friends take advantage of the down time to and get some advice about what to do next. It’s obvious that they need to sit down and hash it out, but Imogen is truly a one-woman cold-front. I’m afraid to watch her, I can’t imagine how terrified Luanda must be to talk to her!

Friends, families and the Feywild

Over lunch Dusk tells the Bells Hells about their time in the Feywild (or at least what they can remember of it.) Apparently Dusk was taken in by a kindly couple, but they were separated trying to open a portal back to this plane. Dusk is alone now, with only a locket to remember them by. They show it to the group, and the faces inside make Fearne go utterly still.

Her parents, Ollie and Birdie, were the ones who took Dusk in. The same parents who left Fearne to complete a mission 90 years ago! And they are now somewhere in the area? 

The Bells Hells think fast and send a telepathic message to Bridie. It succeeds, and with a little bit of convincing they find out that Birdie and Ollie are both nearby– only a few days outside of Bassuras. They set up a meeting for the moment they return to the city and basically float Fearne out of the restaurant. 

Fluffy friends

After lunch, the Bells Hells return to the business of finding Armaan Treshi. They track his ring to the River of Renewal, a pawnshop in town. He must be in dire straits to pawn such a precious item (unless he realized it was a fake, Critical Role 3×13) but it does seem likely that he’s still in town.

The Bells Hells decide the next best course of action is to scout out the Seat of Disdain, the home of the Paragon’s Call mercenary group who are harboring Treshi. Of course with a name like that, they can’t exactly walk up and ring the bell. 

Using all of her chaos-gremlin energy, Fearne transforms herself into a quokka and sneaks in through the front door. Or tries to. Her entrance is anything but graceful and she’s immediately lifted into the air by a hardened warrior. The mercenary takes one look at Fearne’s adorable quokka face and decides to keep her as a pet. (If you haven’t heard of this animal, google it right now. I will wait).

In the moments after her impromptu adoption, Fearne is taken into the fortress, locked in a room, liberated, adopted once more, forced to bite a different soldier and thrown unceremoniously off the premises. Not sure if she really got a good lay of the land, but she did manage to get eyes on General Ratanish, the leader of the Paragon’s Call and one of Treshi’s allies. 

Plans and pawns

By this time, Bells Hells are running out of daylight so they decide to take a moment and try to think of a plan… all of which somehow involve stealing a magical transport ship and ramming it into the fortress. Luckily more reasonable heads prevail (for now anyway, lol) and they decide that a good first step would be to simply try and lure Treshi out of the fortress.

Using a handwriting sample Imogen was able to talk out of the merchant of the River of Renewal, they decide to forge a letter from the pawnshop to Treshi. The letter states that someone has made an offer on Treshi’s ring, so if he is going to come back and claim it, he better do it soon. 

We’ll have to wait and see if the bait works. I’m afraid what will happen if the Bells Hells decide to storm the Seat of Disdain.  

Watch Critical Role Thursdays at 7pm PST on Twitch and YouTube! Check out our last Critical Role recap here, or watch me talk about all the highlights and theories here!

Critical Role Episode 25 Highlights

  • Imogen is really working the bald-head right now. She’s got some major Fuirosa vibes that I’m digging!
  • Dusk asked the question we are all wondering: Are Imogen and Laudna more than just friends…. And Imogen didn’t say no!
  • Laudna asked FCG if perhaps they are like her– maybe they used to be a living creature who’s soul was trapped within an automaton body! I loooovee this theory, we’ll have to wait and see if it checks out.
  • Quokkas. Just quokkas.

Greta Kelly

Greta Kelly is (probably) not a witch, death or otherwise, but she can still be summoned with the Horn of Gondor or the promise of a ride in the Tardis. She loves all things fantasy and is the author of THE FROZEN CROWN and THE SEVENTH QUEEN, and her third book, THE QUEEN OF DAYS will be out in 2023. Find her on Instagram or Twitter at @gretakkelly to geek out about literally anything.

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