‘The Good Doctor’ 5×18 recap: “Sons”

I am equal parts excited and scared for The Good Doctor 5×18.

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 18, “Sons,” aired May 16, 2022.

Season finales always make me nervous, especially when it comes to The Good Doctor. Based off the promos, we are in for a ride, and it looks as if it might be sad. Also, I am a little scared. But we wouldn’t expect anything less, really. Now, before we get into the season 5 finale, don’t forget to catch up on last week’s episode! Here we go: The Good Doctor 5×18!

No more elaborate wedding things

Lea and Shaun decide they don’t want the whole wedding thing, so Shaun finds a time at the court house. At Lim’s apartment, Nurse V has moved in, and she has filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, at the hospital, while busting out some dance moves, Asher’s parents come walking in. His dad reveals he has terminal lung cancer, and his mom wants Asher to perform a miracle. When Jerome walks in, Asher introduces him as just the nurse who’ll be taking care of him.

Morgan and Park’s patient no longer is able to speak, but Morgan insists that they can give her voice back — in between Park and her discussing her random job interview. What could that be about? If they break up, I’m gonna cry. The couple brings the solution to Lim, but they disagree on it. That turns into something a little more personal…They need to have a long, honest talk.

Unfortunately, Andrews breaks the news to Asher that his father only has a few weeks to live. Goodness. The team of doctors tell them they will find a surgery to give them more time. 

Family time

The doctors all join Asher and his family to devoting a day to joy. Asher refuses to lead a prayer, and his father reveals that he’s accepted his fate to die. But first, he wants to find peace and have Asher by his side during his last days. He tells his dad he wants to be his son, but he can’t. With that, he kisses Jerome before introducing him as his boyfriend. Shaun and Asher give some good news to his father that their solution will give him about another year. However, his father doesn’t want to risk a surgery that might cause him to die away from his family. Ultimately, he decides to go through with it.

Lim and Park are performing their patient’s surgery, when Lim brings up Morgan’s job offer. Yep, it’s sounding more and more like we might be saying good bye to Morgan. While watching a playback of the patient’s wedding, it definitely hits Morgan and Lea in different ways. 

Jordan tells Asher that he’s being a jerk, that he’s a whole different person than she’s known him as. She tells him that his father came to him for peace.

All these mixed signals

Shaun goes to visit Glassman about his wedding because he’s confused about what Lea wants/doesn’t want. He tells Shaun he needs a minute to think. Hmm cooking up something wonderful, Glassman? 

Asher tries to talk to his mom about his father’s passing, but she won’t hear any of it. He tells his mom his dream is to find the love that they found with one another. This is so heartbreaking, but dang, this acting is giving me goosebumps. As for Park and Morgan’s patient, it ends up being a success with her saying she loves her husband.

Lea and Shaun step off the elevator to see Glassman and Jordan delivering them with a wedding at the hospital — dress and tux included. Glassman gives Shaun family rings that were supposed to be for his daughter. Stop it…that is so sweet. While Glassman is tying his tie, Shaun reveals that he thinks of Glassman as a father and they exchange “I love yous.” Andrews performs their wedding, and Lea and Shaun finally tie the knot. I am so nervous because something is gonna happen. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. Lim finds Nurse V on the floor bleeding and then her ex stabs Lim. NOOO NOOO NOOO. I refuse! Not Lim! Oh my gosh whyyyyyyyyyy?! OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Apparently, Morgan is interviewing for new jobs just so she can bargain with St. Bons. Okay, Morgan.
  • Jordan encouraging Lea to open her wedding gifts would be me. I am that friend.
  • Aw Andrews and Jordan talking about their dads.
  • Morgan revealing she got offered that job doesn’t bode well for Parnick. I am scared — they can’t break them up.
  • Someone give Asher a hug!
  • Lim is such a good person, making sure Nurse V is safe with her.
  • I am so glad Asher and his parents found peace with one another. Again, someone give this man a hug.
  • These flashbacks of young Shaun and Glassman make me tear up EVERY TIME.
  • NOOOOO. Morgan tells Park she wants the job across the country. MY SHIPPPPPPPPPP. THEY CAN’T BREAK UP.
  • Lim saying Shaun and Lea’s happiness makes her hate them a little. HA. Mood.
  • I can’t believe they ended it like that. I am not okay.
  • Did I mention that I AM NOT OKAY WITH THAT ENDING?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? WHY!

So, that cliffhanger was super rude. OH MY GOSH. What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×18? Comment below or tweet us. We will see you next season!


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