‘The Good Doctor’ 5×17 recap: “The Lea Show”

We are getting close to the season finale, but first, The Good Doctor 5×17!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 17, “The Lea Show,” aired May 9, 2022.

Last episode gave us a surprising ending where Claire came back. Can she stay forever? The wedding is drawing near as filming is in full swing for Shaun and Lea. Let’s see what the team of doctors are up to this week!

Claire is back!

Claire sits down with the TV cameras to talk about first meeting Shaun, and it’s making me nostalgic. However, Shaun is still not a fan of all the cameras. Can you blame him? Lim comes into Shaun’s apartment and Claire reveals she’s been offered to be chief of surgery in Guatemala. Wow — go Claire! At the hospital, one of Claire’s patients comes from Guatemala. He has tumors, additionally in his heart and brain. Oh no.

Lea and Jordan are wedding dress shopping (browsing, more like it). Sophie tells them that they’ll be using seat-fillers at their wedding for the lack of guests Shaun has coming.

Meanwhile, Claire wants to know if she can take the role as chief of surgery. Lim tells her that it can be challenging, and you have to put aside emotions. She’s right, of course, Claire is the sweetest person ever. For this case, Andrews assembles three different teams for the boy’s tumors.

Is it bread or something else?

The bread maker is brought up again when Park asks Andrews what he’s getting for Shaun and Lea’s wedding. What is up with this drama? Speaking of the wedding, Claire and Glassman encourage Shaun to talk to Lea about his disapproval of what he has to wear for the Big Day.

Lim talks with Nurse V, and Lim puts her on administrative duties. When she offers her a number for a woman’s shelter, Nurse V says things are complicated — she felt alone and leaned on her boyfriend at the time. She says she will call the shelter. I hope she gets the help and protection she needs.

Claire and Lim are still at odds over the chief of surgery situation and the calls Claire has been making with the patient. She tells Lim that she admired her, but now she doesn’t believe that she does. Oh dang. Why can’t they just be bffs again? Come on.

Wedding looks

Nurse V comes into Lim’s office with her resignation letter and reveals she couldn’t call the shelter. Aw. Shaun is getting fit for his tux when Claire calls him out for not talking to Lea about his wedding look. He ends up throwing the suit jacket on the ground in frustration right as they get a call about their patient. He has a blood clot, and Claire realizes they should have went with Lim’s course of action. Shaun doesn’t have any solutions and says the boy will die.

During Shaun’s bachelor party, the film team takes Shaun to a gentleman’s club. Really? Glassman is just as annoyed as I am and offers that he doesn’t have to go inside. However, he doesn’t get the chance to bow out because he has a solution for their patient. I really hope it works. It’s so like Shaun to peace out of his own bachelor party to save a patient. In the end, the surgery ends up being a success for the young boy. Good!

 Turns out, Shaun is getting married in a mere 5 hours. Oh my gosh, I am stressed on his behalf. Wedding guests are filtering in, cameras are getting ready for their Big Day. Lea looks so pretty! Thankfully, Shaun managed to find a tux and look wedding-ready just in time, but Lea shows up to tell him they need to talk. Uh oh…that can’t be good. They come to a decision that they don’t want to get married like this. No cameras, no flashy things. Sophie, though a little peeved, wants them to be themselves. In the end, Lim tells Claire to take the job as chief of surgery. I’m glad they mended fences — I always loved them as friends.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Aw I missed the Claire and Lim friendship!
  • What do you mean do they eat bread, Park? Who doesn’t eat bread?
  • Shaun telling Lim that her job is easy since she leaves before him. LOL.
  • I missed Claire and her wise and sweet words.
  • Lim and Claire seem to be at odds, which I do not like.
  • Morgan just brining bread up during the surgery…I feel like it’s more about bread between Park and Morgan. Way more about bread.
  • Asher wanting to wear matching suits with Jerome.
  • Yes, everything bagels are the way to go, Andrews!
  • Claire telling Shaun that she’s proud of him and misses him really makes me want her to just stay on the dang show. They always had such a special bond.
  • Morgan and Park’s interview…thank goodness she canceled that bread maker, and they decided to get them marriage counseling as a gift instead. Welp…
  • Asher giving Lea and Shaun a ship name. Love it. His and Jerome’s interview was equally as hilarious. 
  • Lim decides that Nurse V isn’t quitting and she offers to have her live with her in the meantime. Lim is just the sweetest.

So, we didn’t get the wedding, but it seems like in the finale we will. It also looks like we are in for some kind of twist, as well. Wouldn’t be The Good Doctor without a twist. What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×17? Comment below or tweets us your thoughts!


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