‘The Good Doctor’ 5×16 recap: “The Shaun Show”

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The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 16, “The Shaun Show,” aired May 2, 2022.

We are back after a short hiatus after last episode, and we are excited. You know why? Because rumor has it Claire is back for this episode! Yeah, you should be very excited because it’s Claire. Also, Lea and Shaun are heading for the big (small) screen. Things are sure to be interesting.

Lights, camera, ACTION

The episode starts out within an episode…AKA Shaun and Lea are officially starting filming for Sophie’s new show. Jordan, however, does not want to be on the show but agrees for Shaun. I don’t blame her, but Andrews is LOVING the spotlight, but are we surprised? Meanwhile, Park is assigned to a patient as head surgeon. Oh, big responsibility! During Shaun’s surgery, the cameras are distracting him. Of course they are! 

Morgan is talking Park up during his surgery, to which Lim tells her to “shut up.” Hahaha! However, we love a supportive couple. Park and Asher break the news that the firefighter will need surgery, which means he will not be able to go back on the job. The man tells Park to find another option that will allow him to get back to work. They consult Lim for her opinion, but she says it’s all up to Park. Taking the training wheels off! 

Jordan is upset by Shaun calling her out on camera. Aw. Speaking of cameras, Shaun and Lea sit down to talk what they love most about each other. As they’re doing that, Jordan walks into the scene to declare that the patient’s setback wasn’t her fault. Turns out, it was Shaun’s fault. Dang.

Mistakes and interviews

Morgan sits down to talk with the cameras, giving herself credit for Shaun and Lea getting together. Park is quick to tell her she’s not even responsible for getting them together. These two crack me up. Park is practicing his surgery when Morgan tells him to tell his patient to suck it up. However, Park knows why the man is so adamant to find another way for him to return to work.

Shaun’s patient is horrified and understands why her daughter didn’t want to be near her. That’s so sad. Shaun makes his decision regarding his patient, going to Glassman for help and promptly blocking the cameras from filming him. Shaun is reasonably upset for making a mistake. Glassman’s solution? Get rid of the cameras. I agree with that. Bye, cameras.

Lea talks to Sophie about backing off Shaun and that she feels Sophie is exploiting his autism. Yes, Lea, go off! Because of the talk, Sophie says she won’t use footage of Shaun’s mistake. Lea is right — this show was supposed to be about the wedding. 

Park goes to Lim to take lead on the surgery, and she tells him he is risking his career by doing so. Oh no…


Lea now doesn’t like that Sophie is focusing on her past mistakes of originally not wanting to be with Shaun. Again, I don’t blame Lea either. This show business is becoming quite the problem. Sophie was annoying me, but this conversation she’s having with Shaun’s patient made me forget about my annoyance. Bullies suck! When Jordan tells the patient’s daughter she can go see her, the daughter still doesn’t want to. But Jordan, ever speaking wisdom, reassures the little girl. Thankfully, Sophie respects Shaun’s demands to not film the surgery.

After all, Lim does lead the surgery with Park at her side. As they’re doing the surgery, Park makes the decision to change the course of the surgery. Well done, Park. Unfortunately, because of the switch of surgery, Park breaks the news to his patient he can no longer be a firefighter. Shaun and Jordan also run into a problem during their surgery. Luckily, the patient’s surgery was a success, and he decides he wants his mistake in the show.

In the end, Lea does answer the question that she got mad at Sophie for. She admits that she changed because of Shaun. “We are enough.” Shaun and Lea go to a surprise party where they are met with Claire! CLAIRE! Wait, no, more Claire!

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • You can’t pay me enough to film me while I brush my teeth and air it for the World to see. HARD PASS.
  • How are they just filming these people who are being rushed into the ER? There’s got to be some rules against that.
  • Jordan and Asher imitating Shaun’s visions are hilarious. These two make such a fun team.
  • Glassman telling the cameras that he’s proud of Shaun makes my heart swell. 
  • Shaun and Lea have no cold feet. Well, that’s always a good sign.
  • I’m proud of Park, he made the right decision even if he let down his patient. He saved his life.
  • This poor nurse. Oh my gosh.
  • Aw the mother and the daughter.
  • That Morgan and Park scene was so sweet — they lean on each other, literally and figuratively. Love that.

It looks like we’ll be seeing more of Claire next episode, which also happens to be the final episode before the finale. Eek! What did you think of this episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! 


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