‘The Good Doctor’ 5×15 recap: “My Way”

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for The Good Doctor 5×15.

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 15, “My Way,” aired April 18, 2022.

If you missed last week’s episode, I am going to ask you to click out of this page and watch it. Seriously, one of the best and funniest episodes of The Good Doctor EVER. It’s going to be hard to follow that episode, but this show always surprises me. Let’s see what the St. Bons team is up to this week!


Lea is up early, well, not really because she keeps snoozing her alarm. At the hospital, a teenage boy from a group home comes in with bruising on his face and along his ribs. Andrews, Park and Asher talk about fights they got in, or didn’t get in, as young boys. 

Shaun and Lim are with a patient whose niece is a famous documentarian. The device that helps the patient breath, stops working suddenly. They recruit Lea to help fix the machine — I forgot she used to work on cars. To fix it, Lea says she needs parts that haven’t been manufactured since the 50s. Well, this could present a problem. Meanwhile, Jordan and Lea work on getting Glassman’s endorsement for their business idea, but it seems like he wants in. Jordan, however, doesn’t want that.

Andrews tells the boy he needs reconstructive surgery on his face and ribs. He asks the boy to tell him who did this to him, but he doesn’t want to talk to him about it.

On a mission for car parts

Lea and Sophie go on a hunt for the car part, and she is diving into some personal topics with Lea. She tells Lea that curiosity is part of her job. To get the part, they have to sway the man with the potential for a documentary starring him. Hollywood, baby! Luckily, they get the part and fix the machine. Speaking of Hollywood, Sophie is doing a Hulu wedding reality show with atypical couples and wants Shaun and Lea for the show.

Lim encourages Shaun to do the show, while Jordan doesn’t think he’s the kind of person to be on a reality show. I really see both sides because free wedding, but on the other hand, reality show drama. Lea and Shaun talk about the possibility of being on the show, but it still seems up in the air.

Andrews’s patient is an artist and dyslexic, and he tells the patient that he, too, is dyslexic. Once again, he tries to get the boy to open up about the group home. His surgery ends up being a success, and he seems okay with going back to the group home. I hope this boy is okay! Andrews even gives the boy his personal cell in case he needs it…Andrews is really turning over a new leaf. I haven’t seen him so compassionate — at least not in a while.

Business with Glassman

Glassman suggests a change to Lea and Jordan’s business idea, which he is all too confident about. When Jordan leaves, Lea has a talk with Glassman about his overbearingness. By the time Lea leaves, there is a lot of tension between them. Morgan even confronts Glassman and tells him straight up that he’s sexist. Apparently, he has boss syndrome and Morgan says to just “shut up.” Well, Morgan has always been upfront.

Sophie’s aunt decides not to undergo the surgery, which means she will only have a short time to live. Aw. Andrews rushes into his patient’s room to learn he tore the incisions out himself. Andrews begs his patient to tell him who is hurting him. This is so sad and awful. The boy finally confesses and says there are five people hurting him. Oh my gosh. Andrews talks with the head of the group home, and she says helping the boy is harder than he would think. She ensures Andrews she will try her best to keep him safe.

Along with Lea and Shaun, Sophie puts together inspiring messages for her aunt to persuade her to get the surgery. In the end, she agrees to do the surgery, but only if Sophie shuts up about it. Regarding Andrews’s patient, he tells the boy that he’s going to be placed in a foster home in about a week. However, Andrews tells him that there’s an infection (there isn’t) and needs to be at the hospital another week. What Andrews did for that boy is really sweet — I have mad respect for him after this episode.

Lea, Jordan and Glassman all agree to work together as a team. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • I don’t mind this new and compassionate Andrews. Not at all.
  • I agree with the one alarm rule, Lim! I don’t know how people hit snooze.
  • Anyone else wondering which pattern or color Morgan and Park chose for the recliner after the whole thing last episode? Just me? KAY.
  • Lim admitting that she looked at Jordan’s social media before hiring her. HAHA.
  • Dang, this episode is getting me all in the feels.
  • Looks like Shaun and Lea are going to do the reality show after all. I guess we will see how that transpires. Hm.
  • Claire is back next episode, y’all! YAYYYY!!!

Next stop for Shaun and Lea: Hollywood. What did you think of the newest The Good Doctor episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts! Also, we are so prepared for Claire’s return!


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