‘The Good Doctor’ 5×14 recap: “Potluck”

We are in for a treat with The Good Doctor 5×14!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 14, “Potluck,” aired April 11, 2022.

Last episode had moments that made my heart melt, and this episode looks like it’s going to make me laugh out loud. Who else is ready? Let’s see what is going to transpire this week on The Good Doctor 5×14!

Food for all…

The hospital is having a party, tons of food included. Everyone is having some tense conversations — Morgan and Park fighting about a recliner; Lea and Shaun arguing about food; Lim and Andrews arguing about some conference; Asher’s boyfriend, Jerome, doesn’t want to introduce him to his friends. Like I said, tension. The party is cut short for Shaun when he rushes to tend to a patient.

As Lim’s in the operating room, she seems to be seeing things, ie a snake and then promptly pukes. The rest of the staff seems to be having averse reactions to the food, throwing up and acting real weird and hyper. Thankfully, Glassman, Jordan, Morgan, Shaun and Andrews seem to be feeling fine. Or maybe not Andrews, after all. 

Andrews feels “floaty.” Whatever that means, and Lim really loves Andrews pink sweater. I am loving this! Morgan is trying to get to the bottom of what dish caused everyone to get high, but Lea is not much help. At all. Meanwhile, Glassman, Shaun and Jordan are doing doctor things. Shaun and Glassman, however, aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on their medical practices. 

A recliner, cashmere and dancing

Lea is in charge of finding out what food caused the problem. Probably not the best person for the job, but eh, someone’s gotta do it. Asher figures out the use of the word “boyfriend” might have scared Jerome away. Park is there to reassure him, while also moping about his recliner. NOT THE RECLINER. Park and Asher decided to take off their shirts and sing and dance around. I am literally laughing. Eventually, they come falling onto the floor. Ope. Jerome tells him that he isn’t seeing anyone else, but Asher wants to know why he won’t introduce him to his friends. Aw poor Asher. Speaking of relationships, Park is freaking out about his, you guessed it, recliner and is afraid Morgan will eventually hide him upstairs like his recliner. Aw, Park!

Shaun tells Glassman that he is way too slow. Not liking his attitude, Glassman yells at him to take a break. That was tense. Things are less tense between Lim and Andrews, with Andrews wanting to become Spider-Man. You can’t make this stuff up.

Morgan chooses this time to talk to Lea about Park and how he’s been acting. Probably not the best time or the right person to talk to about this, but I feel like we don’t really see much between Lea and Morgan, and I like it. The two women come to the conclusion that the sweet potatoes were the cause, and now they are onto Asher and Jerome. Uh oh.

Time to cool down

Glassman dismisses Shaun from the surgery. Jordan tells Glassman that he is stressing Shaun out. She suggests that he could learn from Shaun, just like Shaun has learned from him. She’s right. In the end, Glassman says he needs Shaun’s help after all — see, he knows Jordan was right about learning from each other. He even lets Shaun take the lead during the surgery. Their surgery is a success, but is anyone surprised about that? A power team.

Morgan goes to talk with Park about them, but he ends up collapsing. Jerome concludes that is was shrooms that was put into the potatoes. WTF! Morgan needs a resident to help Park with his appendix, and she suggests Jordan take the lead on it while she walks her through it, since Glassman is otherwise occupied. Park is out of surgery (good job, Jordan!) and doing well. He doesn’t remember anything he said while high, but they do compromise on the recliner. Oh no, I hope this isn’t a prelude for some relationship tension based off Morgan’s disappointment of him not knowing what was said.

Andrews and Lim have a deep conversation — resulting in Andrew’s showing some regrets. Lim reassures him that she doesn’t hate him, and she even compliments him on a job well done as president. And there’s a snake again.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Park telling Morgan she’s like an angry princess or something. This is amazing.
  • This will probably be the first and last potluck the hospital will ever do.
  • Lim and Andrews are still fighting, even when they’re totally out of it. She tells him that he has a huge ego, which is true af.
  • Lim saying she’s over Andrew’s skintight clothes. DYING! Lol.
  • The Park and Asher scene may have been one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen on this show. Sing your hearts out, guys.
  • I can’t stop laughing. 
  • It’s cashmere — it’s like Lim has never felt cashmere before.
  • Nothing better happen to Park — this episode is not funny anymore! 
  • I guess Asher and Jerome are on the same pages about being goofy in their relationship.
  • Lea is not okay. Lol.
  • It’s sweet that Andrews and Lim were watching “Spider-Man” together. We stan a reemergence of friendship after drama.

Well, that was some episode, I would say. I don’t think I have laughed that much during an episode before. What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×14? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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