‘The Good Doctor’ 5×11 and 5×12: Our thoughts on “The Family” and “Dry Spell”

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The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 11, “The Family,” aired March 21, 2022 and Season 5, Episode 12, “Dry Spell,” aired March 28, 2022.

In case you missed episode 5×10, then you missed an exit from my least favorite person ever. Yes, Salen is officially out of St. Bonaventure. Now, let’s see what the doctors are up to now that Salen isn’t reigning bad vibes all over the place. It’s gotta be better than before, right?

“The Good Doctor” 5×11 thoughts

  •  Shaun and Lea decided to put off the wedding for now — all this build up for no wedding. Okay?
  • Andrews is taking leadership as president and reinstating Lim. AS SHE DESERVES. Oh, and Andrews is closing the clinic. Glassman is also going back into the operating room PT. Interesting stuff.
  • Jordan tells Shaun that the little girl wants to be around him because she doesn’t have either of her parents, as they’re in surgery. But Shaun is not having it.
  • Lim is also mad at Glassman for walking away from the hospital when Salen came on board. You know, she’s right about that. He did just peace out and left them.
  • Meanwhile, Shaun brings the little girl with him to lunch with Lea, and she has a lot of questions about the wedding. LOL. She also points out that they’re technically only bf and gf, not fiancés. TRUE. Shaun is quick to tell her that Park says they are not just bf and gf. Oh, snap.
  • Apparently, Morgan helps out at a nursing home, playing chess and making crafts and stuff. Park seems to be just as confused about Morgan’s newest hobby as I am.
  • The little girl blames herself for the crash and thinks her dad will hate her. Aw. Shaun, in turns, tells her he blames himself for his brother’s death, too. 
  • Park seems to have touched upon why Morgan is throwing herself into new ventures. He just asks her not to become a completely different person. That’s actually really sweet because Park loves her for her, even if she is difficult.
  • Andrews has a heart-to-heart with Lim and Glassman. He says what happened with the baby hurt him, too, but he also cared for Salen. I hope things are mended. It seems like it might be, as Lim and Glassman crash Andrews’s office to have a drink with him.
  • In the end, the whole family is okay. Thank goodness!
  • On the other end of the hospital, Morgan proposes an idea that could save the clinic. Andrews likes her idea, but he’s a little iffy about her decisions and all that. She admits that she’s not ready to head the clinic, but someday she will be. There you go, Morgan, meet in the middle with those goals.
  • Aw Shaun buying Lea an engagement ring that he made himself and proposing to her.

The Good Doctor 5×12 thoughts

  • That was an…interesting opening scene with Lea and Shaun. Wait, they have a cowbell when they wanna have sexy times? Lol. OKAY.
  • Asher has a lot of thoughts on their patients, and Park finds out why he’s so enamored with them: he wants a boyfriend. Aw, I hope he finds someone great because he deserves it. However, he wants a man who checks all the boxes. Hey, you should never settle, man, so good for you.
  • Lim, Park and Asher’s patient, with some kind of fever, confesses she doesn’t have insurance because she’s undocumented. Her fiancé isn’t happy that she never told him. Oh no.
  • Meanwhile, Jordan’s patient confesses to her that she’s a 45-year-old virgin who has been too consumed in work and was looking for the perfect man. Jordan is always the comfort and support that patients need, and that’s why I like her character so much. She never judges.
  • Seems like a lot of employees have issues and want to talk to Andrews. Apparently, he has assistants and appointments now. POWER TRIP. However, Glassman talks him into a softball game to build morale.
  • “They don’t like you,” Glassman just telling it like it is to Andrews.
  • Shaun’s attempts to end his dry spell with Lea are NOT going well. Like, at all. I also like how he’s just consulting everyone about his dry spell, including the janitor.
  • Both of the patients all ended up with happiness in their relationships. And maybe Asher found someone who makes his heart flutter? OOOO.
  • The softball game seems to be going well, until Shaun and Lea leave for their scheduled sexy time. Ha. 

Well, there you have it for The Good Doctor 5×11 and 5×12. What did you think of each episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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