‘The Good Doctor’ 5×13 recap: “Growing Pains”

Who’s ready for The Good Doctor 5×13? MEEEEE!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 13, “Growing Pains,” aired April 4, 2022.

Happy Monday! What a way to start the week with a new episode of The Good Doctor. Let’s see what happens this episode of The Good Doctor 5×13.

New BFFs

Lea and Jordan seem to be bonding — I have been waiting for some girl bonding between them. In romantic news, Morgan asks Park to move in with her to a new place. Aw I love that!

On the doctor side of things, a teenage boy, Trent, arrives at the hospital with an infection. Apparently, he put a magnet in his finger. Whaaa?? Asher finds that he could lose his finger and maybe more. Morgan and Glassman’s patient has depression and Morgan wants to do a surgery that Glassman isn’t so crazy about. They recruit Park and Jordan for their input. Seems like they will be doing the surgery, Glassman decides. As they’re getting ready for surgery, the patient’s brother puts a halt to the surgery as her conservator. She made mistakes when she was younger, giving her brother the power to make decisions for her. They seem on opposite pages: him being it saves her and her being that he’s taking over her life.

Morgan tries to reason with the patient’s brother, but he doesn’t see her side. He thinks they’ll just be frying her brain; however, Morgan wants to show him that he’s wrong about the surgery. We are back to seeing the compassionate side of Morgan.

Apartment shopping gone…wrong?

One of Trent’s friends shows up at the hospital, who is also a fellow biohacker. His mom is definitely not a fan. In fact, she confronts Shaun that she wants him to stop supporting Trent’s interest in biohacking. She wants him to reason with her son, but Shaun all about says thanks but no thanks.

Jordan tells Lea she can’t hang out later because she wants to work on her business idea. It seems Lea wants in on the idea, too. Girl power! Morgan and Park can’t seem to agree on an apartment, to which Morgan is super annoyed about. Is Park having some second thoughts? Morgan asks him if he doesn’t want to move in with her, and he says he’s just been busy. He is being picky. Park, what is going on, man?!

Morgan pays Glassman a visit and wants him to talk to her patient’s brother. He suggests Morgan talk to him about changing his mind about his sister, not the surgery. Ah, good idea, Glassy! As Morgan goes to talk with the patient and her brother, the patient has an outburst, hurting her brother in the process.

Family squabbles

Trent’s mom tells her son that she didn’t push his dad away — his dad left them himself. Aw. He demands that his mom leave the room. Asher thinks their patient is becoming a cyborg to hide from his feelings. That’s an interesting take. Shaun has a light bulb moment and runs out to tell his mom his plan. Unfortunately, his solution isn’t included in their insurance. Though Shaun says he can help Trent, the mom refuses. As they’re getting ready to leave, Trent and his mom butt heads again. She tells him that she was afraid she’d lose him to his cool, new friends. They end up mending fences. I’m glad.

While Lea and Jordan are working together, Shaun comes in to establish some ground rules while Jordan is at their apartment. Shaun tells Jordan that she is part of his tribe, but he’s still going to ignore her while she’s in his home. LOL. Okay, that is pretty great, I have to admit.

Morgan’s patient and brother sit down to talk, and it seems to be going well. His fear is of losing her. She asks him to let her go through with the surgery, and he agrees. Glassman’s approach worked after all. Park tells Morgan that he’s hesitant to move in with her because his financial situation isn’t the best right now. However, Morgan tells him that she would help him, but he doesn’t want that. This may cause some tension between the couple. NO!

Perhaps a happy ending

Lim questions how Shaun was able to change the mom’s mind about the surgery. Nonetheless, she congratulates him for resolving a conflict. Yay, Shaun! Morgan’s patient’s surgery also went well, and the patient says something is missing. The pain, she says. I’m glad the brother and sister were able to work out their differences. In fact, he decides to step down as her conservator. 

Trent’s surgery went well, too. He will just need therapy. And while his mom is telling him to take care of himself, she even says she would like him to invite his friend over. Happiness for all!

Park shows up at Morgan’s to apologize. Morgan tells him that he needs to get it together in a month because she found them a house. OMG — I love this so much. LOVE IT. Excuse the fangirling. Actually, no, I am not sorry about that. YYAYYYYYY WOOOOOO!!!!!! Okay, I am done now.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Morgan and Park scenes: We love to see it.
  • Lim goth? HAHA.
  • Love how Morgan stole Park’s coffee. Like bro, it’s mine now.
  • Asher trying to find the perfect, but not too perfect, present for his new boyfriend. Love that.
  • “Please avoid eye contact.” SHAUN.
  • I like how Shaun told Jordan he was ignoring her when he saw her at their apartment. He really meant the ground rules. Respect.

That was an interesting episode with heartfelt and funny moments! What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×13? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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