‘The Good Doctor’ 5×10 recap: “Cheat Day”

It’s about to get more dramatic on The Good Doctor 5×10.

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 10, “Cheat Day,” aired March 14, 2022.

Things are heating up at St. Bonaventure, especially after Shaun’s shocking exit last episode. I have a feeling that won’t last long, though. Let’s see what Lim and her team are up to this episode! We can only hope they bring Salen down. Let’s go!

Glassman pays Shaun a visit

Glassman comes to visit Shaun, where Shaun says, basically, he hates Salen. I think we can all agree on that. It’s then that Lea said they’ve been talking to an investigative reporter about Salen — oh, dang! They both encourage Shaun to ask for his job back, and he agrees. Meanwhile, Salen and Andrews are having a power trip over breakfast. Both snakes.

Shaun busts into Morgan’s patient’s appointment, which she seems confused about since he quit. Salen sees him and tells him he needs to leave, but he tells her no — that it’d be a PR disaster if she kicked him out. Ayyyyeee — even Salen knows that to be true. Park assures Shaun that even if he doesn’t join them in Lim’s fight, he knows Shaun’s on their side. It’s then that their patient starts to have a seizure.

A woman and her surrogate come into the hospital under Lim, Jordan and Asher’s care. Outside of the hospital, Salen shows up at Lim’s house where they are having a take-down meeting and tells Asher and Park to leave, but they refuse to go. Also, she just straight up fires Lea, Lim and Glassman. THE HELL. This lady is THE WORST.

Everyone’s fired…

Lea and Glassman question whether they’re wasting their time, but Lim suggests they speak out against Salen at the pension fund meeting. And, of course, they are all in. Surprisingly, Andrews is not happy about her firings, which he shouldn’t be — he’s worked with them for a long time. Because Lim has been fired, Andrews takes lead on her patient. The surrogate learns that she has cancer and wants to go through chemo to save the baby.

Morgan wants to know why Park is obsessing over all this Salen business. Girl, come on. They, along with Shaun, meet with Andrews about their patient, and Shaun warns Andrews not to shoot down his idea. Meanwhile, Asher says he’s going to speak out against Salen, too and wants Jordan to come along, but she doesn’t want to jeopardize what she’s worked for.

Andrews suggests the surrogate terminate the pregnancy and they can perform a surgery that would remove her cancer, but she refuses and still wants the chemo.

Park tells Morgan that he looked through her files because of her reaction and calls her out for her poor decisions regarding her patients. Good for him, honestly. Hopefully this will shed some light onto Morgan’s decisions and taking Salen’s side. Now Park is going after Andrews. GO, PARK! In fact, he tells Andrews he is quitting. And that makes Shaun realize he needs to fight for his friends and hospital.

Who are you fighting for?

Jordan figures out that the surrogate would have had to given birth to become a surrogate. Apparently, something happened to her own child. Jordan suggests them doing the surgery which would allow the baby and the woman to live. Shaun orders his patient and his donor a CT scan. He has liver cancer — Park tells him he only has a couple of months to live. Oh gosh.

As Lim is cleaning out her office, Andrews apologizes. Little too late, man. “She lit the match,” Lim says, and I am so glad she is standing up to not just Salen but Andrews, too. Morgan checks in with her patient who lost half her vision, and she tells Morgan that she’s happier than ever. Ding — time to remember what makes YOU happy, Morgan. Does Salen make you happy or…maybe someone else?

Shaun wants to fight for his work family. Glassman offers to help with Shaun’s speech, but Shaun wants none of it because Glassman’s speech was trash at his engagement party. HA!


The pregnant patient’s surgery is not going well, but Jordan is not giving up. Together, Jordan and Asher come up with a procedure that’ll save the baby and patient. Thankfully, they are successful! I wish they could save this man, too.

Morgan goes to Park to say she’s going public with her case and Salen’s involvement. Good for you, Morgan. Just when I think she’s reverting back to her old ways, she surprises me. Once Salen gets the list of speakers, Andrews tells her that she’s going to lose — more than just the hospital. Brah.

Everyone’s at the meeting — the whole entire St. Bonaventure fam. I love this team! Even Andrews comes swooping in and tells Salen he’s going to have to take him down along with everyone else. OH! Do you think he manages to talk her into stepping down from the hospital?  Because she freaking does! And that is the end of Salen — will not be missed. Like, at all. 

Morgan then shows Park she sent a letter to her patient about her bad medicine. That was REALLY big of her. And then they have the sweetest moment — they make my heart melt. You know, when they’re not fighting.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Yeah, no duh you have a morale problem at the hospital, Andrews and Salen.
  • Not gonna lie, it freaked me out when I saw Salen, like Shaun did.
  • Jordan is always speaking the truth!!!! Literally, everything she said in this episode was amazing. A queen.
  • Can we talk about how Salen just totally broke into Lim’s house, though? 
  • Honestly, Park’s outburst to Morgan and Andrews was everything. We stan that man.
  • The bond of friendship in this episode is really special. Hold onto those besties in your life.
  • This episode is radiating GIRL POWER, and I am absolutely here for it.
  • Very shocked that Andrews was the one to bring Salen down, especially given their relationship and all that jazz.
  • Lim deserves a damn parade for how strong she was in going against Salen.

Well, the fight against Salen has concluded. I was honestly expecting it to draw out a little more, but I am glad she’s gone. GIRL, BYE. It has me curious about what will happen next for The Good Doctor team. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your reactions?


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