‘The Good Doctor’ 5×09 recap: “Yippee Ki-Yay”

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The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 9, “Yippee Ki-Yay,” aired March 7, 2022.

Aly and AJ are guest starring in this episode, so I feel all kinds of nostalgia. “Potential Breakup Song” anyone? Last week’s episode had some tension and DRAMA. Let’s see what this episode brings us…More drama, I am sure.

A place to stay

Lea shows up at Jordan’s apartment with a suitcase in hand. Didn’t realize they were friends. At the hospital, Shaun and Jordan are with a patient (Nelly) who is FAMOUS, and she wants to undergo a surgery to help her voice. However, Shaun finds something that will prevent them from doing the surgery. Andrews is still telling her she can do the surgery, but there will be risks. Nelly is adamant to undergo the surgery.

Things are pretty awkward when Lim walks into her office and Andrews is there. Apparently, Salen made him chief of surgery. Honestly, what the hell?! Salen tells Lim that she’s not fired, but there’s an opening at another hospital. Like I said before, she is a SNAKE.

Morgan and Park’s patients are a father and son, Cody — the son has Kabuki Syndrome and the father is not experiencing any pain where he should be. I love how sweet Morgan is being with Cody. During the father’s surgery, a nurse tells Lim that she’s peacing out of the hospital because of Salen. Lim tells them she has an interview at another hospital, and Park wants to jump on board to get the heck outta there. I don’t blame them at all.

Difficult decisions

The father must make a choice to undergo a surgery that will allow him use of only one arm. Meanwhile, the two sisters are in a disagreement about Nelly’s surgery. Shaun is in agreement with the big sister and is adamant that the surgery is too risky. Ohh, Shaun calling out Andrews about him dating Salen; thus, making Andrews judgment a little cloudy. Agreed, Shaun. Lol. Before the surgery, Shaun tells the older sister she should see Nelly because it might be her last chance. Oh, Shaun…Nelly starts crashing and Shaun pressures Andrews to call off the surgery, but it’s a no from Andrews.

Glassman goes to Lim, telling her to leave the hospital while the moment is right. But Lim isn’t going to be pushed out of her home so easily. She tells Glassman she’s going to fight for her home. YAAASSSSS, QUEEN. 

Park asks Lim about her interview, which he seems surprised to learn she turned down the job. Just when I thought Park was not going to join Lim’s team to bring Salen down, he tells Lim he’s in. That’s right, Salen, YOU’RE GOING DOWN. During the father’s surgery, Cody crashes after calling out for his dad. Oh no!

Can we have some good news?

The father comes out of the surgery where Morgan confirms he is a paraplegic. Aw. Cody, thankfully, is okay, but I feel so bad for them. His father tells Cody that he’s going to a new home and promises to visit him and go to games. Nooo, I hate this for them! Morgan, however, realizes something about Cody that could help them. Morgan grills Park about him joining Lim’s fight, and I knew this was going to cause some tension between them. Of course Morgan won’t be part of Lim’s group — I knew that since the winter finale.

Morgan and Park reveal that Cody could have a surgery that might allow him to walk. His father refuses the surgery, but Morgan wants him to know that if he agrees, Cody and him could be together.

Unfortunately, Jordan and Shaun are not joining Lim’s fight. A fight Shaun is willing to fight for is his relationship with Lea. He goes into her office, reminiscing about a moment in grade school that relates to Lea changing his scores. He ends up forgiving her, telling her that he trusts her. Although Shaun and Jordan are out, Lim tries to convince Glassman to team up with her…Not looking too good right now, though.

Freaking miracles

Nelly’s surgery is not going well. No duh Shaun was right — it should just be common sense to listen to him. Andrews tries desperately to save Nelly, but he is not successful. Oh my gosh. WAIT — she is okay after all, and none of them know what happened. A miracle, I’d say. She comes out of the surgery able to speak again. Yay! Shaun, while he should be happy, is angry because Salen is the worst. I hope he joins Lim in her take down. Something else unexpected happens: Shaun announces that he quits. WHAT?! EXCUSE ME. IT’S AN ALL CAPS KINDA MOMENT.

Cody does go through with the surgery, and he is able to walk. Aw, that is so great. I’m so glad they get to stay together. In other good news, Glassman joins Lim. YES, Glassman! Let’s go team!

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Lim better not be leaving.
  • This guy is right — it is their loss if Lim leaves St. Bonaventure.
  • Okay, Jordan is friend goals — we all need a Jordan in our lives.
  • Wow, the residents only have 4 months left of their residency. I didn’t realize the timeline in the show, so it’s fun to find stuff out like that. 
  • They’re really going to have Aly & AJ as guest stars and not play “Potential Breakup Song” in the background. Honestly, missed opportunity! 
  • I’m just a girl sitting here waiting for Morgan and Park scenes. 
  • We are really seeing more of Morgan’s emotions this season. It makes her seem more human than she did in past seasons.
  • I am equal parts excited and nervous to see what happens in Lim’s take down. I want to see Salen gone, but I don’t want anyone else to leave either. 
  • Next week’s episode looks AMAZING. Sometimes I really do hate the week-by-week episode drop, but I can be patient.

THAT ENDING, you guys! What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×09 episode? We are rooting for Lim and her team of doctors, as we are ready to say good bye to Salen. Comment below or tweet us your thoughts on the episode. We’ll see ya next week!


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