‘The Good Doctor’ 5×08 recap: “Rebellion”

We are SO ready for The Good Doctor 5×08!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 8, “Rebellion,” aired February 28, 2022.

It’s been a minute, and by a minute, I mean like half a year. After the winter finale, I am nervous as to what is going to transpire. Tensions are high at the hospital because Salen is awful, and Shaun and Lea’s relationship is in a very delicate spot. Let’s see what happens in the highly anticipated return!

The aftermath

Shaun and Lim are reeling after Salen’s mistake and rightfully so. Salen assures them that a loss like they endured won’t happen again, but do we really believe her? Because I sure as heck don’t. Lim’s “I’m taking her down” is exactly what needs to be done. That woman has gotta go.

Lea sits down with Shaun to talk about him calling off the wedding. As much as she tries to talk with him, he won’t hear it. Lim goes to Lea for help getting some info on how to take Salen down. Meanwhile, Salen visits with the mother who just lost her baby. She blames her mistake on the pharmacist — of course she’s not going to take the blame. In fact, she says the pharmacist resigned, but here she is firing him, putting the blame on him. Even bribing him to keep his mouth shut. This woman is a SNAKE. 

Complete silence

While Park and Shaun are working together, Park notices that Shaun is clearly distracted. He even admits that he is. When Park offers to listen to Shaun, he tells him talking won’t change anything. On the other end of the hospital, Lea is talking to Glassman about Shaun. He reluctantly agrees to talk to him on her behalf. Glassman definitely is over being the middleman between them.

The girl who friend zoned Shaun and Park’s patient arrives at the hospital. Hmm. Park says that the woman is way out of their patient’s league. Come on, Park. That was a very shallow thing to say, yikes. 

Glassman does, indeed, talk to Shaun, but he won’t even listen to him. This is going to take Shaun awhile to forgive, but I don’t all together blame him. He’s going through a lot right now. Meanwhile, Morgan, Jordan and Asher’s patient isn’t willing to go ahead with their recommendation. She’d rather save her cosmetic surgery than her own life.

Paperwork GALORE

Lim finds something that will likely help her case. Apparently the deal of Salen being the owner hasn’t completely been completed. So, Lim goes to the pharmacist to tell him her findings, trying to get him to join her side. He agrees to help Lim — Yes! Next, she goes to Glassman about her findings, but he’s not convinced her plan will play out well. Stop being so logical, Glassman. Unfortunately, the pharmacist ends up backing down. Back to square one.

Shaun is convinced that Lea is settling for him, but Glassman is quick to shut down that train of thought. I’ve had my reservations about Lea in the past, but I do agree with Glassman that she does love him. “Have you ever lied before?” “Oh, yes.” The conversation between the two men continue, and Glassman raises a point that everyone feels weird or ugly or whatever at all times. Though Shaun deems it as unhelpful, there is a good lesson there. I like what Glassman said because it’s true — you’re not always going to feel your best.

As Jordan, Asher and Andrews start to operate, the patient starts to crash. However, she comes out of the surgery okay and with her former surgery intact. 

No evidence

Lim talks with an AG, but this AG is not seeing Lim’s side. Of course. Unfortunately, the AG won’t accept Lim’s case unless she has some concrete evidence. The AG tells her that she has to think about it, and I sure hope she does think about it. Apparently, by the phone call Lim gets, the AG doesn’t decide to take her case. This is going to be a long road ahead for Lim in her take down of Salen. Ope, Salen somehow found out about Lim’s meeting and tells her she won’t ever forget it. Well, crap.

Shaun and Park’s patient also comes out of his surgery okay. Park tells his patient that he doesn’t think he’s fat or ugly, and that he needs to start loving himself. The patient tells them to get out, but Shaun doesn’t leave just yet. He tells the patient that he should take Park’s advice. It is good advice — that sounds more like Park than earlier.

Shaun comes around and talks to Lea. He decides not to call off the wedding. That didn’t last long at all, but they did have a lot of drama the last two seasons, so that’s fair. Wait…they’re not completely out of the woods yet, as Lea’s upset that Shaun doesn’t think they’ve grown in their relationship. I guess the wedding is back off, and Lea has concluded that she’s moving out, too. I spoke too soon.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • When did Morgan get so nice?
  • The show did a great job on molding Salen as the villain this season. She is the definition of a TV villain.
  • Love Jordan’s body positivity. 
  • Asher not wanting to date someone that doesn’t like “The Golden Girls” lol.
  • OMG Shaun calling out Park to the patient. That was so uncomfortable.
  • Okay, but where’s my Park and Morgan scenes?
  • Jordan and Asher’s relationship is cute and funny, much like a siblings, as Jordan pointed out. 
  • Completely not about the characters or plot line, but the lights hung up outside of Shaun and Lea’s apartment is so pretty.

Welp…The Good Doctor is back, angst and all. What did you think of the spring premiere? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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