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‘Moon Knight’ Official Trailer: Top 5 Takeaways

Oscar Isaac will redeem his tarnished comic book crown!

Moon Knight is often written off as Marvel’s lame Batman rip-off. Incredibly short sighted and basically disrespectful, these thoughts are far off base. The Moon Knight character’s background is rich in intrigue and not exactly what someone could describe as “straight forward”. Hopefully Marvel Studios is able to shed some light on this little-known vigilante as he steps into the MCU.

Here are my top five takeaways.

1 .Oscar Isaac

Based on your particular fandom, you may know Oscar Isaac as “that one guy from those Star Wars movies that ultimately disappointed”. You may also know him as “that one villain from those X-Men movies that disappointed”. The point being third time is the charm. The House of Mouse recognizes Isaac is immensely talented, but hopefully he will be given something to work with that will actually appease most of the target audience.

2. Clean Costume

How many visually interesting ways can you put on a costume? Iron Man and Black Panther had the growing nanotech effect. Thor can be bathed in lightening to change clothes. It look like Moon Knight reached into the SFX bag to give us something different. It is almost as if he is being mummified in real time. Not to be overlooked, when we get the full cape and cowl with the glowing eyes, it is glorious!

3. Knight Fight

Disney is known to “sanitize” their MCU characters. Part of the excitement around Netflix producing the likes of Daredevil was the idea that we were going to get mature, bloody depictions of some of the grittier do gooders. No Steve Rogers popping up to make sure they say please and eat their vegetables. Moon Knight is definitely much more of the bloody knckles type hero. The question now becomes, how much of that can/will translate to Disney+? The Hawkeye finally gave us an entertaining (but bloodless) Kingpin battle. Can Marvel keep that up over the course of an entire series?

4. Give Jordan Peele His Flowers

When Jordan Peele’s Us first dropped a trailer, the internet was buzzing not only about the footage, but also the music. Since then, warranted or not, trailers with an edgy or spooky remix of a popular song have been attributed to Peele’s influence. This Moon Knight score sampling of Kid Cudi’s Day and Night is pitch perfect.

5. Mental Health / DID

This is the one part of this show that would give me pause, regardless of what happened in the trailer. Part of what makes Moon Knight so interesting, especially when compared to Batman, is his mental health. Characterizations of Moon Knight have a condition known as DID (dissociative identity disorder) [formerly known as multiple personality disorder]. The issue with DID on film is that it is usually used to paint someone as dangerous and/or violent.

Recently, James McAvoy was turned in an Oscar worthy performance as Kevin Wendell Crumb and his 24 unique personalities (alters) in Split; the issue being he was a literal monster. Hell, in Primal Fear (spoiler alert for a film that is literally older than… Zendaya), Ed Norton pretends to have DID to get away with murder. I want to believe that Marvel Studios is aware of the stigma around DID and deliver a hero that is violent and has a mental health condition as opposed to a hero that is violent because of their mental health condition.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, the trailer does not give us a ton to work with. They do a great job of setting an unsettling atmosphere, but when it comes to plot details, they are few. That said, Oscar Isaac getting the opportunity to tangle with Ethan Hawke is valid enough. Marvel Studios have not really missed with their Disney+ streamers and I do not expect that streak to be broken here.

Moon Knight premieres March 30th, 2022 on Disney+.

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