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‘Doctor Who: Flux’ recap: Chapter 5 “Survivors of the Flux”

Doctor Who: Flux recap: “Survivors of the Flux,” Aired Nov. 28, 2021

I hope you all are wide awake because “Survivors of the Flux” jumps around all over the place, and you’re going to need all your brainpower to follow everything. This is the penultimate episode of Doctor Who: Flux, and it felt exactly like a penultimate episode. A whole lot happens, and we’re set up for a thrilling climax next week (and hopefully a resolution). 

“Fetch your dog”

At the Doctor’s instruction, Yaz, Dan, and Jericho are adventuring in 1904, looking for a prediction of the date of the world’s end. They travel across the globe looking for answers. They eventually get some advice from a hermit – fetch your dog – and travel to the Great Wall of China to get a message to Karvanista that Dan is in 1904. Unfortunately, Karvanista doesn’t have a time machine, so they’re stuck. Honestly, I’m not sure why they had to communicate to Karvanista. They didn’t appear to be looking for a way back to their own time, as they were instead looking for answers about the Flux. 

However, an appearance by Joseph Williamson leads the team to explore the Williamson Tunnels. They learn the tunnels have doors that open to different worlds, different times, and that’s how Williamson himself has been able to make his cameos through time. 

“Morality is a strength”

The Doctor is quickly freed from her Weeping Angel form and brought to the mysterious gardener from a couple episodes ago. The Doctor presses for answers, and we learn Division started on Gallifrey, recruits across all species, and their job is to interfere in time. Anyone remember “The Timeless Children”? Mysterious gardener is Tecteun, the woman who brought the Doctor to Gallifrey, aka the Doctor’s adoptive mother.

When the Doctor escaped Division, the organization was threatened by the Doctor’s interference in the universe. In response, Division created the Flux to protect its own existence.

While trapped outside the universe, the Doctor finds a fob watch containing her memories (throwback!). Tecteun gives the Doctor a choice; go back to our universe and attempt to defend it against the Flux, or rejoin Division and get her memories back. Of course, the Doctor chooses to save the universe. Was there ever any doubt?

“Earth’s shield is now breachable”

2021, Earth – Karvanista notices a rogue Lupari ship. We learn it’s actually Bel, who commandeered the ship to continue her mission to find Vinder. There is a small fight, but then the two team up as the ship is attacked. Looks like we might see this new team take on some Sontarans next week. 

Meanwhile, Vinder finds Swarm and Azure using their prisoners as their own personal power source. Vinder knew he’d be detected, and Swarm traps him in a Passenger Form, where he meets Diane (haunted house, Dan’s friend – ringing any bells?). We don’t see Vinder and Diane again during the episode, so I look forward to seeing them team up next week.

“Osgood, I have to go dark”

We see the Grand Serpent once again this episode, but on Earth, as he plays around with UNIT. In his quest to take over UNIT, he inserts himself into its business then alters the reports to erase his involvement. It’d be pretty suspicious otherwise.

Kate Stewart is brilliant as always, confronting the Grand Serpent and standing up for UNIT. She makes herself enemy No. 1 for the Grand Serpent, and after he attempts to kill her, Kate decides to “go dark.” That Osgood reference! I hope we see a lot more of Kate Stewart in the next episode. She was by far the highlight of the episode for me. 


That last minute or so of the episode was jam-packed. Swarm and Azure show up to where the Doctor is and reveal Division is responsible for what happened to them. Swarm then kills Tecteun. Back on Earth, Grand Serpent makes a deal with Sontarans, who then appear in the Williamson Tunnels and on the Lupari ships. The preview for next week shows a bunch of familiar foes (Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, et cetera) and the potential return of the Doctor’s memories.

Oh, did I mention it was revealed the end of the universe is December 5, aka next Sunday’s date? We’re in for an exciting conclusion. 

Next week:

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