‘The Good Doctor’ 5×07 recap: “Expired”

The Good Doctor 5×07…here we go!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 7, “Expired,” aired November 22, 2021.

First of all, how is it the winter finale already? I mean, it does feel like winter, but there hasn’t been enough episodes! We want more. Let’s see all the drama that will be unfolding before The Good Doctor goes on hiatus. Before reading on, catch up on last week’s episode.

Going to a chapel…

Shaun and Lea are on the hunt for a possible wedding venue, and it seems like they found the perfect chapel. Until Shaun notices that the floorboards are squeaky. On their way back home, they come across a car accident involving a man and a pregnant woman. Shaun performs a procedure on her, saving her life in the process.

Across town, Glassman is looking to sell his house when he receives a visitor…his ex-wife. OH. He tells her that he’s moving to Montana. Um, Glassman, that was not part of the plan. It’s then that she asks for his help with her dying husband.

Seems like Morgan is still kissing up to Salen. In fact, Salen tells Morgan to invite Park on a double date with herself and Andrews. This dinner is going to be so uncomfortable — I am here for it. However, Park wants to pass on the date, which I completely understand. I would pass on that, too. Man, it’s going to be so awkward.

Socks to the wedding

During surgery, Shaun tells Jordan and Lim that they are only to wear socks and not shoes to the wedding. Oh, Shaun. Once the woman is back in her hospital room, Shaun gives her two options: have a c-section and be able to have mobility or not have any mobility ever again. However, she tells Shaun she’s not able to make a choice. Shaun and his patient have a talk about reliability, both of them relating to one another in different ways. In that moment, she tells Shaun she wants to do what’s best for her baby.

Glassman’s ex-wife tries to reason with Glassman about his new move, but he’s not hearing it. Listen to the woman! When he tells Shaun about his move, Shaun wants to assured that he’ll be his best man and still give him advice. Like Glassman told Lea last episode, Shaun doesn’t need him — he has Lea now. He also told Shaun that Lea has something to tell him…and here it goes. She ends up telling him about fixing his patient reviews. Of course, he isn’t happy about what she did — even telling her he doesn’t accept her apology. Awe.

Glassman tells his ex-wife and her husband that the only option is a nonsurgical option. His ex comes to see him in his office, refusing to accept the solution for her husband. She tells him that he’s just scared of failing her. They rush back into her husband’s room where he starts to act erratically, pushing his wife across the room. Thankfully, Glassman tells her that he’ll look into another solution for her husband.

Oh my gosh

Andrews doesn’t like that Salen told people about their relationship. However, he seems to like that she’s excited about their relationship, so he changes his tune. One relationship that isn’t all happy is Lea and Shaun’s. He asks her to correct what she did with his review, but she says that it’s not possible. Wow, he even tells her that she needs to tell Salen and that she should get fired for what she did. 

Unfortunately, the woman’s operation didn’t go well and they end up performing a c-section. Oh no. Both Shaun and Glassman’s patients are in surgery. I hope both surgical teams are able to help both patients. When they deliver the baby, there seems to be something wrong. Please save the little baby! Shaun concludes it has something to do with a heart defect. A medicine that they were using to help the baby was expired, so Shaun goes to handle the situation himself. Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t make it. Oh my gosh. This is awful.

Lim goes off on Salen, rightfully so. Salen tells Lim to lie to the mother about the expired medicine. What is wrong with this woman? She has got to go. Shaun goes into the pharmacy to find that everything is expired. Lea comes to him, and he tells her that he can’t marry her. He even tells Glassman off. Oh no. Poor Shaun. Thankfully, Glassman stays by his side. I think we can all agree that Salen is THE WORST.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Everyone thinking Andrews and Salen is a weird couple is A MOOD.
  • Honestly, I would love to wear just socks to a wedding instead of walking around in heels all day/night.
  • I like how Park is so adamant not to do this double date. HA!
  • You guys, I HATE this relationship between Andrews and Salen.
  • I get why Shaun’s upset with Lea about the reviews, but I also understand Lea’s side of it, too.
  • Glassman and his ex-wife talking about their late daughter is making me sad.
  • When Park agreed to be Morgan’s date after all….STOP. SO CUTE.
  • I am glad Glassman was able to help his ex-wife’s husband. And even more glad she told him to stay right where he was.
  • Freddie Highmore’s acting is outstanding. I felt all this emotions.
  • The promo of Lim saying she’s going to take Salen down. A QUEEN.

Wow. After that promo for the next half of the season, we need more. Also, Lim in that promo? Heck yes, GO OFF on Salen. What did you think of the winter finale? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts. See ya in the spring!


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