‘The Good Doctor’ 5×06 recap: “One Heart”

Woot, woot! We are ready for The Good Doctor 5×06!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 6, “One Heart,” aired November 15, 2021.

Who is ready for some more drama? I’m still emotional from Taylor Swift releasing HER version of “Red,” so I am ready to be emotional over this episode, too. All the emotions. Don’t forget to brush up on the previous episode before reading on.

Play ball

Glassman apparently has a new hobby: a softball league. And who’s in the stands to cheer him on? Lea. Glassman reassures Lea that Shaun is completely okay. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Park suggests Shaun and him go out after work. However, their conversation is interrupted by a patient in critical condition. Park calls his patient’s mother because he might have an organ match for her son.

Morgan goes to Salen with a suggestion to get more clients, with her leading the deal all together. Go, Morgan. As she’s with her patient, she realizes the woman is going blind. Morgan is writing away, trying to come up with solutions for her patient, with Park — I am so glad they brought up the conversation from last episode. He mentions he thought she wanted to be a doctor and not a business woman, but that’s just Morgan’s ambition for ya.

Lea really wants Glassman to come back home. And ope, she slipped about what she did with Shaun’s scores. I sense some trouble brewing in that area real soon.

Hard convos are had

Asher goes to tell his patient’s father that his son is in a coma. The father reveals he hasn’t talked to his son in two years after telling him that he wanted to be a drummer. It’s then that Asher tells the man that his father disowned him because he wasn’t who he wanted him to be. This is sad. I hope they find a way to save this man so his father can talk to him!

Salen tells Morgan her ideas are WAY too expensive, which seems like Morgan does not like that. Morgan tells her patient about the surgery that would save 60% of her vision. I guess Morgan made the right call after all, even if it wasn’t the call she wanted to make.

Park goes to Shaun to ask if he’s asked the family of his patient about organ donation. Shaun, however, tells Park that he’s overstepping and will report him if he doesn’t leave. Shaun, noooo. In a flashback, Shaun has Glassman checking his work (this must be when he was in the midst of medical school). Obviously this has something to do with the current case — yep, his solution lies in the past.

Finding the right solution

Lim briefly mentions organ donation, but Shaun seems adamant to not go there. Due to this, Park has to break the news to his patient’s mother. Wow, I haven’t seen Park get this mad, especially to Shaun. He even goes as far as blaming Shaun for killing his patient. Come on, Park, not cool.

After all, Shaun does come through and talks with his patient’s father to consider organ donation. Unfortunately, there is a very slim chance of saving his son. However, Asher tells the man that he can still talk to his son. He does, saying goodbye to his son in the process. I am not okay. That was so heartbreaking. 

Andrews is trying new tactics to help Salen’s attempt to make all the employees sign her contract. YIKES. Speaking of Salen, I guess she was right in what she told Morgan because Morgan’s patient was very thankful for finding the tumor in her eyes and doing what she could for her. Maybe this, combined with Park’s talk from last week, will help Morgan realize that things aren’t always worth climbing the extra step for when it comes to your passion. 


Park ends up being able to do the surgery with the organ donation, saving the young boy. Asher and Shaun visit their patient’s father to give him a report on all the people that his son helped by being a donor. I wish they could have saved him. Also, I want to hug this man. Back at Asher’s place, he pulls out the letter from his father that he has yet to read. 

Maybe Shaun doesn’t need Glassman, maybe Lea needs Glassman. Glassman is adamant that Lea and Shaun are right for each other — they don’t need him to patch problems up. We always need you, Glassman!

Wait, Salen is giving Morgan Glassman’s office? Uhhhh….what? Even I know that seems a little hasty. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Lea’s fashion has been so on point this season.
  • I am here for more of a friendship storyline between Shaun and Park.
  • Excuse me, is Salen and Andrews eating cricket tacos? NO. I CAN’T. Also, this relationship is so odd.
  • Park is so sweet to his patients.
  • Glassman giving Shaun an embroidery kit in the flashback and Shaun’s face LOL.
  • The Salen and Andrews relationship is so weird to me. Make it stop.
  • Love that Shaun embroidered something for Glassman in the flashback and then him buying an embroidery kit in the present. Aw.

What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×06? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts ahead of the winter finale! I already miss the show.


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