‘The Good Doctor’ 5×05 recap: “Crazytown”

Ready for The Good Doctor 5×05?!

Last week’s episode was utterly wonderful, so I expect this one will be, too. We know it will be. Let’s get to this week’s episode!

Report cards

Salen announces that everyone’s ratings are in their inbox. Otherwise known as report cards. Jordan and Asher both brag about their shining scores, while Morgan shows Park her great scores. After looking at her scores, Park is confused by people saying Morgan is nice. Lol same, though. As she’s suggesting some weird medical role play, Park abruptly walks away. Meanwhile, Shaun finds out he has the lowest rating. Aw.

Lim’s new patient has apparently dated Mateo. Oh. He’s apparently #1 in the department, too. 

Park and Shaun’s patient got attacked by a couple boys, who told the man not to get them sick, resulting in a broken jaw. This poor man. Shaun’s mission is to get a good review from the man and his daughter. His daughter wants him to make a statement to the police, but the father refuses.

Wedding fashion

For some reason, Lea and Shaun are planning their wedding during work. Complete with a wedding planner and all. The wedding planner gives Shaun some advice to earn better ratings with his patients. Back to wedding planning and also working, Shaun and Park take a break to try on some tuxes. They’re so handsome! Shaun finally connects with Glassman, and he’s in Montana. Random — he tells Shaun he might be staying there for some time. 

Morgan demands that Park take her on a date to some lecture, but he’d rather not go to a lecture as a date. Honestly, same. When he suggests they do that role playing she was talking about without the fungus, Morgan refuses. I guess the fungus is nonnegotiable for her. Nervous laughter…what is happening? In other relationship news, Mateo doesn’t seem to be returning Lim’s text. Just let the woman be happy!

With Park and Shaun’s patient, they give their patient an option for surgery; otherwise, he wouldn’t have much time left. He refuses the surgery, though.

No spotlight

Park wants to know why Morgan is being the way she is, and she tells him she wants him to reach his full potential. In a roundabout-Morgan-way, that was very sweet of her. Get in that spotlight, Park! You deserve it. Jordan is helping Park and Shaun with their patient when the man’s daughter comes in to find out about her father. Park goes to find the daughter and suggests she talk to her father. He exchanges stories about his own father with the girl and they have a heart-to-heart. This is making me tear up. I hope they save this man! In the hospital room, the father has a heart-to-heart with Jordan. In the end, the daughter tells them that she’s agreed to support her father’s decision. 

Asher requests to help out with their patient’s surgery at the other hospital. Lim refuses his request, and Asher goes on to tell her that Lim is basically amazing. (SHE IS!) At the same time, he straight up tells her Mateo isn’t good enough for her. (HE’S NOT!) Lim’s patient says she talked to Mateo — excuse me. This man is RUDE. 

Lea offers to talk to Salen about Shaun’s scores. Shaun asks if she doubts that he could do better scores; she says no.

After the man goes into a seizure, Park tells the daughter they would put him in a medical-induced coma until the tumor kills him without the surgery. As the daughter, she can decide what to do next, but she still stands by her father’s decision. Shaun tries to convince her to save her father but doesn’t succeed. 

We need a miracle

The daughter changes her mind and finds Shaun to tell him that she wants them to do the surgery. Yes! In the end, the surgery goes successfully, and the daughter tells her father she made the decision because she wanted to save him. I’m glad she decided to. Her father tells her that she’s strong. Awe. 

Lim’s patient is also doing well after her operation. It’s then that Lim asks the woman how her relationship with Mateo ended. She says that one day, he just didn’t come back. Like I said, Lim deserves so much better. In fact, she calls him to say that if he’s coming back for her, don’t. Way to go, Lim. You don’t need him.

Park confides in Morgan about his father’s disappointment after turning in his badge to become a doctor. However, he says he’s happy now with his job and with her. He asks her if good will ever be good enough. With a kiss on her head, he leaves before we have an answer. Excuse me, you can’t just leave it like that! I’m emotional.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Love me some Park and Morgan. I honestly can’t with them.
  • Lim is such a good person!
  • We need more Jordan because I think she’s super cool — Plus, she loves fashion and I love fashion, too.
  • Does anyone else find Glassman taking a vacation in Montana random? I’ve never been, so it might be a lovely place, but…
  • Lim telling Andrews that he’s a kiss-up is WHAT NEEDED TO BE SAID.
  • Park and Morgan really making me cry once again.
  • Ummmmmm…Salen asking Andrews out?! And him saying yes?! What. 
  • Oh, Lea doing some forging on Shaun’s scores…

That was another good episode. Well done, The Good Doctor 5×05, well done. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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