‘The Good Doctor’ 5×04 recap: “Rationality”

Who is ready for The Good Doctor 5×04? ME!

It’s been two weeks since The Good Doctor was on the air, so be sure to brush up on last episode. Okay, what new drama is to come this week? I guess there’s only one way to find out…Let’s get into The Good Doctor 5×04!

Nice photo but…

Lea declares the poster of Shaun plastered across the hospital is a nice picture of him, but when he confronts Salen, he tells her he does NOT want it up. However, Salen says it’s in his contract that she can use his photo for promos. Whatever — she should have at least asked him. Aside from the billboard, a nurse tells Shaun a patient is DEMANDING to see him. Ope. A dad tells Shaun about his daughter’s condition, and Shaun declares it is a surgical case.

Morgan is with a patient who has had a rough cough for over a month. She declares her patient is hardly omitting enough air from her left lung. It may require a lung transplant. Outside of the hospital, Glassman is still hard at work at home when Salen pays him a visit. Again with these visits! Way to close the garage door on her, though. Ha. 

Morgan and Park’s patient hasn’t seen her son since he was 12. He is now a grownup and is upset that she waited until she was dying to reach out. I feel bad for this guy. Morgan interrupts to tell the woman there is a match for her lung. Seems promising. Park doesn’t like the fact that the woman abandoned her kid, to which Morgan tells him he basically did the same to his own son. Uncool, Morgan. 

Doctor vs non doctor

Shaun’s patient diagnosed his daughter and Salen thinks he’s fit to be in on all the discussions and in operating room with the doctors. Uh, okay? Andrews decides to go along with the father’s approach, which Shaun does not like. The daughter asks if they’re using her dad’s idea, and Shaun blatantly says that they are, but if his idea doesn’t work, she could die. When the daughter starts puking up blood, the dad declares his idea isn’t working.

Apparently, there is something wrong with Morgan and Park’s patient’s surgery. While they won’t be able to use the donor’s lung, Morgan suggests the son become her donor. After taking some time, he says yes, but his mom doesn’t want to put him through that. As the mother and son are talking, she starts to lose her breath.

Lim decides that they need to do the transplant. It may not be what the patient wants, but it’s what her son wants. This is causing LOTS of tension between Morgan and Park. They really need to have it out because they are not on the same page with anything this episode.

Solutions and reveals

Shaun has an outburst in front of the father, and Andrews tells Shaun he needs to leave the room. The father tells his daughter that she’ll have to have an IV attached to her for the rest of her life. Poor girl. She tells Shaun she was the one who asked for him as her doctor because she needed different, like the billboard said. I think Shaun might change his mind about the billboard. Yep, he did. But as he’s talking to Lea about it, he has an idea for his patient — one that the father said. That’s sweet that Shaun complimented the father. 

Park calls Morgan out for her actions, and Morgan confesses that she’s been freezing her eggs. That’s why she’s been so hormonal — she admits she’s not sure she wants kids or if she’d even be a good mom. Wow. That was a very open and honest conversation from Morgan. Meanwhile, the mom finds out that her son went through the surgery to be her donor. He did a very mature thing, and I’m glad they made amends.

What did Glassman just find out during his interview? Ah, he realized the billboard was still up and approaches Salen about it. However, she reveals that Shaun has told Salen that the billboard can stay up. Park goes to Morgan to tell her that he didn’t plan on being a dad again, but that he didn’t really plan on falling in love with her. He tells her he’ll do anything to make their relationship work and so he gives her a shot. OKAY, CRYING! He also tells her that she’d make a good mom. I can’t — my heart. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Not a fan of Lea being so pro-Salen. Just support Shaun on the fact he doesn’t like his picture being used on a billboard.
  • I honestly can’t with Salen. 
  • Salen’s logic is that since I watch this show about surgeries, I am a doctor. 
  • Morgan and Park’s relationship is ROCKY. I did not like what Morgan said to Park about his son. Totally cold.
  • I guess we should leave the doctoring to the doctors. 
  • The scene between Morgan and Park, you guys. *insert tear emoji*
  • Glassman giving the interview hahahahaha. He clearly is reading off the script, and I’m cracking up.
  • Wow, I love Morgan and Park.
  • Glassman finally getting a break?

That was AN EPISODE. What did you think of The Good Doctor 5×04? I think this season keeps getting better and better. Comment your thoughts below or tweet us!


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