‘The Good Doctor’ 5×03 recap: “Measure of Intelligence”

Are you ready for The Good Doctor 5×03? Because SAME.

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 3, “Measure of Intelligence,” aired October 11, 2021.

Another Monday brings another new episode of The Good Doctor. Before you read on to see what happens this week, brush up on what happened last episode.

Without further ado, let’s do this!

Up all night

Shaun is kept awoken at night by the changes Salen has made at the hospital. Lea tells him that it’s not all about him. Meanwhile, Jordan is in a good mood after her training session, which Park is not as chipper about the new training — he’d rather work out at home like he’s Rocky Balboa, as Morgan says. Umm…? What was scene between Jordan and her about? Salen has some interesting advice about using the bathroom at a boyfriend’s house. That woman is very blunt.

Mateo, Park and Andrews are working together on a patient. This shall be interesting between the two men after all the tension of last episode. However, Mateo sure knows how to flatter Andrews, which Andrews notices is his way of kissing up. Called out! Although, Mateo did suggest a good idea for their patient’s surgery, but Salen’s two cents gets into their head. While Lea is mailing out the wedding save-the-dates, she notices one addressed to Shaun’s mom; she promptly shoves that one into her bag instead of the mailbox.

Shaun goes to find Glassman because he wants him to change everything back to how it was. I agree with Shaun — Salen needs to back off.

Do what Salen says

Salen thanks Andrews for coming to her about his decision. Kiss up. Lim, ever the smart one, goes to Glassman for advice regarding a patient instead of Salen. Glassman reluctantly agrees to help her out but warns Lim that Salen isn’t going to be happy. Glassman is getting a lot of visitors today, as Shaun is his next guest. He tries to get Shaun to smoosh grapes with him, but Shaun does not like it. He even tells Glassman he bet he doesn’t like it either and tells him he liked doing his job.

Morgan talks to Lea about wedding planning, and she tells Morgan about how she found his mom’s invite. Meanwhile, Morgan is chowing down and asks if Lea farts in front of Shaun. This is a weird conversation, but Morgan does bring up a good point that Lea should be able to talk to Shaun about anything, even his mom.

“Gas still keeping you up?” HAHAHA LIM. Oh dang, we got to the real issue. Lim calls Morgan out, pointing out that Morgan thinks Park might not find her attractive when she lets herself be herself, and not some perfect being. Seems like Lim is spot on. I guess Morgan just needs to let one out in front of Park. 

All the activities

Wait, one more visit for Glassman…here comes Andrews. I don’t know, maybe Glassman should leave the state for a day or two so he can do all the activities he’s been doing this episode. Glassman was right — she didn’t like that Lim went to Glassman to call the insurance company. Much like everyone else on the staff, I think Salen is WRONG. Andrews goes to Salen to tell her that she should allow them to do Mateo’s surgery. She agrees.

Shaun, still upset about his scrubs, runs out of the pre-surgery room (I don’t know the technical term for that) to change into his old scrubs. While he’s getting changed, the new hand dryer goes off, which upsets him. Due to this, Shaun confronts Salen, interrupting her and Lea. He calls her out for only wanting to save money and tells Salen she’s wrong. She IS wrong, Shaun. However, his confrontation works because she allows him to wear his old scrubs and to reinstall the paper towels. Seems to have brightened Shaun’s mood immensely. 

I was wrong, Glassman gets ANOTHER visitor. This time it’s Lea coming to talk about Shaun and the invite she found to his mom. Glassman chooses not to give her any advice to her problem, though. 

No more fighting

Lim tells Jordan and Asher to stop fighting. Lim, ever the wise one. Mateo, Andrews and Park’s surgery goes well, because of course it does. They do know what they’re doing after all, as opposed to Salen. Aw, Asher apologizes to Jordan. Along with Shaun and Lea, they go to a karaoke bar where Jordan and Asher sing a duet. They are slaying it! Karaoke always seems like so much fun, but I am too much of a chicken to do that. Maybe if it was a Taylor Swift song.

Morgan and Park are hanging out where they both let out some major gas. OMG. What even was that scene? I can’t. Im equal parts amused and feeling second hand awkwardness, but I love. They really jumped over a big obstacle in their relationship. That’s progress for them.

Lea confesses that she didn’t mail his mom’s save-the-date out. Shaun is definitely okay with his mom not attending the wedding. 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Stop trying to troll Lim, Salen! Also, Salen should be in the dictionary next to “TMI.”
  • These fart conversations are super awkward but also eases the heaviness of the show.
  • “Oh yes, the hand dryers are worse.” LOL, Shaun.
  • I am LOVING this episode so far. It’s just so entertaining. 
  • I feel like stomping on grapes like Glassman is doing seems like a lot of fun, and now I wanna do it.
  • They are serving us all the Morgan and Park content.
  • Much tension between Jordan and Asher.
  • This karaoke scene is so much fun!

Okay, this might be one of my favorite episodes of The Good Doctor. Like, I didn’t cry once and I actually laughed multiple times throughout it. A miracle, I must say. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts? 


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