‘The Good Doctor’ 5×02 recap: “Piece of Cake”

Time for The Good Doctor 5×02!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 2, “Piece of Cake,” aired October 4, 2021.

The title alone of this episode makes me really want cake. Ugh! Anyway, another week, another episode and this time there WILL be changes. I’m equal parts excited and annoyed with the new change that the hospital is going through. Personally, I am hoping for more Morgan and Park scenes. Sorry not sorry. Don’t forget to brush up on last week’s episode.

Let’s see what’ll happen this week!

New hospital, who’s this?

Salen takes the stage with all her new ideas, including goodie bags for the team. Apparently, Morgan is all for the new system, which I was just as confused by as Park was. Asher is a bit skeptical too, but not Jordan or Shaun. 

The first patient is a pregnant woman who murdered her first baby and is accompanied by a police officer. Oh my gosh. Park looked up her case and learned she poisoned her baby with antifreeze. What the heck. During the surgery, Salen stops by and Morgan takes the time to kiss some butt, which Salen ignores. I almost forgot the real Morgan is a total smoozer. Morgan is quick to wanting to discharge the woman, but Park insists on taking the necessary steps for discharge.

Meanwhile, Jordan, Mateo and Andrews are treating a runner who starts puking blood — her name is Madeline. Great name, I must say. Her mom shows up, but Madeline doesn’t seem excited to have her there. Her mom had given her up for adoption when she was a child so Madeline could stay in America.

To leave or not to leave

Glassman is none too happy to have Salen as the owner of the hospital. In fact, he wants to resign, but Salen offers to keep his clinic open. Salen crashes the cake tasting party and asks Shaun if he’s on the autism spectrum. He doesn’t want anything to do with this woman either. Same, Shaun, same. While Shaun’s having Glassman taste cake, he tells Shaun that he’s thinking of leaving the hospital. He says he wants to embrace freedom. 

Park goes to his patient to tell her that her baby isn’t getting enough nutrition and needs her milk. When Park tells Morgan that he let her breast feed, she is not happy. At all. I’m with Morgan on this one.

Andrews and Jordan break the news that Madeline only has less than a year to live. How awful. Mateo suggests a treatment, but Andrews doesn’t appreciate the fact that he went over his head. While Andrews and Mateo are in Lim’s office, Salen just wanders on in. Lady, go away. Lim makes the call to give the patient what she wants, and Andrews does not like that decision. Uh oh, favoritism at play?


Shaun finds there are traces of antifreeze in the baby’s blood, just like with the first baby. What is going on?! When Park tells the patient that her baby is in critical condition and that they’ve alerted the authority, she starts to have sharp pain. Morgan walks out of the photoshoot planning on getting the patient to admit that she’s guilty. Get her, Morgan! Welp, the woman just flat out swore at Morgan. The woman tells them they she would never have done that to her babies. Morgan then finds out that the woman produces acid through her breast milk, proving that the woman is innocent and did not kill her baby. 

Park tells the woman that she was a victim and they’ve let the authorities know that. Even Morgan apologizes to the woman. 

Glassman goes to Salen to accept her offer. I knew Glassman wouldn’t just leave. Meanwhile, Salen questions Lim and Mateo about patients they had the day before. Uh oh, things might not be smooth sailing for the two. 

Madeline seems to be in stable condition when her mom comes back to talk to her. The woman details the day when she gave Madeline away. Thankfully, Madeline decides to accept her mother back into her life. Aw, I’m glad for them. 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • This Salen chick is already annoying me.
  • Carrot cake is soooo underrated. Omg, Asher don’t you dare bash red velvet cake!
  • Seriously, I need some cake.
  • This picture-taking section is amazing. HAHAHA. Work it, Morgan.
  • Mateo kind of bores me. I don’t know if I’m being too quick to judge his character, but he’s just very blah to me.
  • I really like Jordan and Asher’s competitive friendship. It makes for fun scenes!
  • Good news: the cake has been picked. Wow, didn’t think that decision would ever be made.
  • Poor, Shaun. 

Lots and lots of changes happening in The Good Doctor 5×02. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or tweet us your thoughts.


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