‘The Good Doctor’ 5×01 recap: “New Beginnings”

Wait, it’s the season 5 premiere of The Good Doctor already? Let’s see what goes down in The Good Doctor 5×01!

The Good Doctor review: Season 5, Episode 1, “New Beginnings,” aired September 27, 2021.

Wedding bells are ringing; love is in THE AIR. Last season, we left off with Lea and Shaun deciding to tie the knot. We also saw the exit of Claire (BOO) and the new relationships blooming between Park and Morgan, as well as Lim and Mateo. A lot happened, and I’m sure a lot is bound to happen throughout season 5. 

Welcome to dreamland

The episode starts out with the wedding, but is it real or a dream? Definitely a dream, as Lea wakes up right as a tree is about to fall on top of her. Apparently, Andrews is no longer with his wife, same as Glassman, but Lim and Mateo seem to be going strong. 

Meanwhile, Morgan and Jordan are treating a patient, who asks Morgan if she’s in charge or if she’s just bossy. Lol. In fact, the patient pays Glassman a visit in his office. Glassman wasn’t amused with the visit, especially when she told him how small his office was for the president of the hospital. Jordan, along with Andrews, will be heading the woman’s procedure. Go, Jordan!

Shaun tells his patient’s mom that he has cervical cancer, but in the middle of their discussion, she walks away when the children’s uncle walks in. There’s definitely some bad blood between the woman and her brother. She tells Shaun that her brother was a heavy drinker and once lost her children. It’s then revealed the mom also has cancer.

Some hard talks

Glassman tries talking to Andrews about his separation from his wife, but he doesn’t really want to talk. In fact, he tells Glassman about all the women he’s been seeing. Bro. In other relationship news, Mateo tells Lim that he’s accepting a job in California.

Jordan is over the moon about getting to do a surgery, but I don’t think it’ll be happening as her patient went against her orders and ate before the surgery. On the other side of the hospital, Lim and Shaun tell the mom that she needs surgery, but her recovery would be a month and she can’t afford to find care for her sons. She insists that they treat her son first. Of course, Shaun comes up with a solution that will provide a shorter recovery for the boy, but the mom refuses again. Aw the conversation between the son and mom…After that, she agrees with Shaun’s idea. Unfortunately, the surgery is called off in the midst of it because it won’t work.

Andrews tells Jordan that, even if there was a surgery, she couldn’t do it because she let her patient do the opposite of what was required. Ouch.

It’s party time

Even though Lea wanted to cancel the engagement party, Jordan refuses to let that happen. She tells Lea that it can’t be perfect — nothing ever is. Lea recounts her first marriage and how big of a failure it ended up being. However, I think Jordan convinces her to throw the party after all. Turns out, Shaun is late to the party, as in him and Park are still at the hospital trying to find a solution for their patient. Oh, Shaun. Park says he has an idea, but Shaun calls him out on his lie. Well done, Park, well done.

Morgan basically tells Park to give up. Obviously Morgan has not changed much and is a very supportive girlfriend. I stan. Mateo tells Lim that his job offer has been rescinded because of the charges he had in the past. The party soon turns awkward and tense when Glassman drunkenly jokes about multiple marriages and tells everyone his wife left him. This is uncomfy.

Turns out, Asher will be doing the surgery with Andrews instead of Jordan. Their patient finds Lim in the surgery room and asks Lim what she thinks should be done. While there, she faints. Morgan then finds that the patient has been taking her meds, even though she was asked not to. They conclude that the woman is messing with them. Hmm…what for, though?

Shaun and Park’s patient’s surgery went great. Good! “Sometimes we need people who aren’t perfect.” Wait, I love that quote, Shaun! Later, Shaun tells Lea they’ll be planning the wedding together. Cute.

The hospital is being purchased?! By the woman who was messing with the doctors…whaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt?! Random.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Okay, but where are the Park and Morgan interactions? Inquiring minds want to know… Me, I want to know.
  • Jordan asking what she should wear to the engagement party is a MOOD. You always need opinions on your fashion choices.
  • It’s good to see Lim so happy. It’s what she deserves. 
  • It feels weird without Claire. First I had to get used to having no Melendez and now Claire. She just better come back for the wedding!
  • Lim is SLAYING that suit!
  • The woman’s brother coming to her to tell her that he wants to be there for her and the boys was awesome.
  • I could have used a little more Park and Morgan, but that’s just a me-problem.
  • This episode really made me want to go to a wedding. 
  • Lim tells Mateo she’s offering him a job one way or another, but that soon gets pushed off the table.
  • Based on that promo, this season is gonna be interesting, FOR SURE.

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