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‘SurrealEstate’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 1×09, “White Wedding”

SurrealEstate, Ep 1×09, “White Wedding” aired Sept 10, 2021 

It’s the penultimate episode ahead of the season finale. Megan says a final goodbye to her house and she has some choice words for Luke’s mother. Elsewhere, Susan can’t keep her mind off of work as she supposed to be relaxing and helping out for her best friend’s wedding. Of course it wasn’t her fault that the cake started oozing blood or that something seems intent on killing off the bride before the big day.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort Ep 1×09, “White Wedding”. Luke and the others offer an assist as Susan does all she can to help her best friend. With Megan vacating her house for good, August takes that time to do another check of the premises. This turns out to be a very bad idea all the way around.

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Brad & Cort Talk ‘SurrealEstate’ Ep 1×09, “White Wedding”

SurrealEstate airs Fridays at 10/9c 

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