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‘SurrealEstate’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 1×07, “Quarantine”

SurrealEstate, Ep 1×07, “Quarantine” aired Aug 27, 2021 

Our favorite band of realtors are back and they’ve got a sinister new roadie in tow. The episode kicks off with the team returning to the Roman Agency after a tough case. As far as they’re concerned, they were able to extinguish the problem at the stigmatized house. It’s not long before they have to go into lockdown because they’ve brought something home with them.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort Ep 1×07, “Quarantine”. Things get dark as nearly every member of the team is possessed by the Roadie. Which possession freaked you out more? Was it August and his stretchy arms? Or maybe Zooey just hanging around? In the end, it seems like all is well as the group is able to exorcise this roadie. There were some harsh truths spoken during the different possessions.

Initially, it seems as if Susan’s new family won’t be there to support her as she received a lifetime achievement award, but no way. The cool kids crash the party to show their support. Zooey even shows her love for Susan by tossing in a well-timed Carrie reference when her co-worker hits the stage to give her acceptance speech. It seems as if all is well after their enforced lockdown. At least it seems that way until Luke and Megan head off to go home. It’s only then that Luke realizes that there is something very wrong with his girlfriend.

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Brad & Cort Talk ‘SurrealEstate’ Ep 1×07, “Quarantine”

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