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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 6×10 “Bad Blood”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×10, Season 6, Episode 10, “Bad Blood” aired on The CW on July 20, 2021.

That was a lot. I don’t know where to begin. Should we start with babies, juicing, or vampires? Legends never fails to be wild. This week was no exception. Here’s what went down, with our favorite goofs.


John Constantine needs to get it together. This man has gone full crazy. He is listening to Allister, aka the painting on the wall. That’s right, he is listening to the same painting that made Astra do all these horrible things. 

  • Allister left the map of the Fountain of Imperium, in the hands of a vampire. 
  • She meets Constantine at his house and offers a trade. 
  • The vampire also gives John a special potion of Allister’s. 

She warns John that he will be back if he uses the stuff. The map is written in an alien language, so he teams up with Spooner to track the fountain down. They visit Albacete, Spain in 1939.


While in Spain, John and Spooner come across a man named El Gato. According to rumour he has come across the fountain. The two Legends learn the truth. 

  1. El Gato did not find the fountain.
  2. His nephew, Fernando did and was given the gift to heal.
  3. One must be worthy to take from the fountain.

A bunch men come from Hitler’s side. The main man being, Captain Norriaga. They torture El Gato to tell them where the fountain is. He refuses. Fernando agrees to tell Spooner and John, so they can help. 

John, Spooner, and Fernando head to the Fountain. Unfortunately the fountain is empty. It does not appear for John. I think we can all agree, we knew that was going to happen. John’s obsession with getting his magic back has made him a hard man. The bad men follow them there. 

In order to take them out John juices a magical drug. It turns him into a killer. He kills all of the men. He swears off never using it again. So naturally, he will use it again.

Bad Gus

Over on the Waverider not much is happening. Ava and Sara are out looking for a wedding venue. Mick and his Daughter are talking about his pregnancy. The entire team is fighting Baby Guy. You know the usual crazy. 

  • Baby Gus is now a teenager and is beating everyone on the ship up.
  • Mick finds out he has 48 eggs in his head.
  • He is proud of the little guppies. 

They finally get Gus off the ship. The team congratulates Mick on his babies as they stare at his sonogram. Nothing like a Father/Daughter moment. Our co-captains come back and congratulate him.


The best part about Legends of Tomorrow is the show knows who they are. Mick and his Daughter being pregnant at the same time. That sounds about right. Them taking care of a baby alien that tries to kill them when it becomes a teenager. Yup. The next moment, however, is quite dark. 

Now that John Constantine knows that he is not worthy of the fountain, he decides to continue to juice. The vampire brings him more vials and he gives her Allister. Spooner threatens to tell Zari, but John uses some of the magic and wills her to forget. This is awful on so many levels. How do you feel about John’s betrayal and new addiction? One can assume it will only get worse.



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