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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×08: Top Moments of “Stressed Western”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×08, Season 6, Episode 8, “Stressed Western” aired on The CW on June 27, 2021. 

Legends of Tomorrow is officially back! I know what you are thinking – it’s been back for 7 episodes. Has it? With all of our characters spread all over the universe, it hasn’t felt quite right. Now that they are all under the same Waverider, it fits. The Legends are back!

The Alien

Captain Sara Lance is back on the ship. The Legends couldn’t be more happy. Each and every one of them pitches in, to help, Ava make her breakfast. They are all under one roof again. They even make Rory breakfast because he brought her home safely. 

  • Ava brings Sara her breakfast in bed and they chat. 
  • Sara wants a normal mission to get back in the swing of things.
  • Nate finds her one in the Wild Wild West

An alien touched down in a rough city. The Legends must put on their best Westerns and head out to find it. When they get to the town, something bizarre happens. Everyone of the townspeople are nice. This place is supposed to be as rough as they come, but there isn’t a drop of alcohol or ill will in sight. 

Bass Reaves

Everything is backwards in this town. Bass Reaves is a wanted man, instead of the sheriff. An outlaw is the current sheriff. It’s chaos. The Legends break into groups to investigate. 

  1. An alien worm comes up from the ground, if there is unrest.
  2. The alien produces gold and because of the gold, the town follows the rules.
  3. The outlaw controls the worm with a whistle.

The Legends must ban together to get the whistle, kill the worm, and put the town back to normal. Meanwhile in the woods, Spooner and Astra run into Bass Reaves. He appears to be an ancestor of John Diggle. (David Ramsey guestars.)


In order to stop the worm, Nate must confront it alone. Why? He is the only invulnerable one. At least that is what the rest of the team thinks. While Nate deals with the worm, Sara must duel the outlaw. 

The outlaw and Sara countdown. The outlaw cheats and shoots Sara before the count is over. He shoots her right through the head. To absolutely none of our surprise, Sara doesn’t die. The rest of the team, however is stunned. Ava is traumatized.

The outlaw gets swallowed by the worm. Then the team kills the worm. Legends and Bass Reaves round up the bad townspeople and lock them away. Once again the Legends save the day. Now Sara must tell the team what is actually going on. 

The Legends being the Legends, none of them mind. 

“Welcome to the Invulnerable club!”

Nate states in rejoice. Did we ever doubt, even for a second they wouldn’t accept her? Heck no. Next episode we will see how Sara handles her newfound abilities. What do you think of them? Should Sara be more concerned? Do you think her alien side isn’t finished yet? Sound off in the comments!

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