‘The Flash’ recap: 7×16 “P.O.W.”

The future comes back

The Flash season 7 episode 16, “POW”, aired on 6 July 2021.

There are only two more episodes of The Flash season 7 after this week. That is so strange to think. The season started in March. Four months have just flown by like that. Jeez.

It’s also unfortunate because The Flash feels like it has way too much it wants to do this season that everything is getting squashed together to move all the plotlines along. How is this going to fit into the last episodes??

Buckle in, because we’re gonna round up everything going on.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Central City is in lockdown. People are advised to stay in their homes. Ha, does that sound familiar?

The infighting Godspeeds are wreaking havoc everywhere, the Flash can hardly keep up. Plus, Barry has another nightmare of Nora jr saying the future of their family is in danger. Incidentally, Godspeed is Nora’s nemesis in 2049.

Diggle shows up with some fancy tech from Cisco. Chester fangirls over THE John Diggle – ARGUS, Green Arrow, Spartan, soon-to-be Green Lantern? (For those who haven’t kept up, refer to the Arrow series finale.) With Dig’s help, the team capture a Godspeed that is capable of speaking English. It also knows Barry Allen is the Flash.

The Godspeed explains the divide between the two sides. One group of clones wish to just lead their own lives. The other group wants to serve the original Godspeed, August Heart, who has time-travelled to 2021.

Following clues from Nora’s journal, Cecile, Diggle, and Frost find August Heart’s apartment block – or rather, the development that will one day be August Hart’s apartment block. There, they find an amnesiac man who says the building is important. Back at Star Labs, Caitlin gives the guy a shot of vaccine dark matter to reboot his brain cells. It hurts, but he recalls his name. Yep, he’s August alright.

Gone in a Flash

Meanwhile, Esperanza recovered from a successful surgery. Her mask has been reduced to a discreet collar. She wants to go after remaining Black Hole doctors and asks Allegra to help. However, Allegra says she’s needed with Team Flash.

However, she overheards Diggle and Barry having a hallway chat about family and decides to run after Esperanza. Unfortunately, she is too late and finds her cousin fatally injured. She apologises for not choosing family straight away. Esperanza repeats what she said when the two reunited a few episodes back: death is an extension of life. She slips away and her body self-incinerates.

Just…why? What was the whole point of setting Allegra up to finally having part of her family back only to rip it away as a D-plot?

Kramer’s reckoning

Joe and Kramer hide from her assassin former-friend Adam. Joe realises Adam doesn’t know it was Joe and Kramer specifically in the car, otherwise he wouldn’t hunt Kramer. They follow Adam and lure him into a trap. Joe shoots him with the meta-dampener boot.

Upon Kramer’s questioning, Adam explains he became a mercenary because it paid more. He gives the money back to their reservation. He also says he is an immortal meta. Kramer wants to shoot him but Joe convinces her not to.

Interestingly, Adam said Kristen Kramer died in Operation Griffin, which is strange because he took measures for her to survive.


At some point, Barry tries to travel to 2049 and make sure Nora is okay. (Didn’t we agree we weren’t doing this any more??)

Luckily, a bunch of Godspeeds are blocking the temporal passage. Dion – yep, the Still Force, remember him? – pulls Bary out. They land in front of the large house that marks Dion’s Still Space (well they never really named his little pocket of frozen time, so that’s what I’ll call it).

Iris is there – Dion had pulled her in because her sickness (just regular sickness, not morning sickness, because y’know Barry’s lab pregnancy test last week came back negative) has gotten extremely weird and dangerous. Instead of puking or migraine, she’s started phasing in and out of the timeline. (You mean she started doing that and Barry didn’t notice????) Dion can move her to a stream outside the timeline for her safety, but Barry cannot follow.

But it may be morning sickness after all! At the end of the day, Barry is alone in the speed lab when Nora speeds in – and she’s not a dream this time. She seems perfectly fine as her typical chipper self. And then another speedster enters.

It’s Bart!!! If you’d seen the news pre-season, you would have been waiting for this moment. Bart West-Allen greets his stunned ‘pops’.

It’s not the twins we expected back in season 4, when the first hints of West-Allen children dropped in, but the Tornado Twins are here!

(P.S. Sorry Bart, but “this place is crash” has nothing on “this house is bitchin'”.)

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