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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×07: Top Moments of “Back to the Finale: Part II”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×07, Season 6, Episode 7, “Back to the Finale: Part II” aired on The CW on June 20, 2021. 

I know we all want to talk about the final moment of  this week’s Legends of Tomorrow. Before we lose our minds about it, let’s count down the moments leading up to it! They deserve their due!

3. She doesn’t care

Last week left us with a jaw drop. Sara Lance officially died. Bishop cloned her right before she passed. This week we pick up right where we left off, with our jaws still open. As we pick them off the floor, Sara utters these words to Bishop. 

“You think I care that I died. I literally die once a year. And my girlfriend is a clone.”

Spoken like the true badass that she is. Sara Lance doesn’t care that she is dead or a clone. She wants to go home and propose to her girlfriend. Sara is getting sick and tired of Bishop getting in the way of this. She decides he has to die for good. 

Naturally, Bishop is not a fan of her reaction. He decides she is of no use to him and he must start again with a new clone. Bishop also drops this bomb on her.

“Not only are you a clone you are a hybrid of an alien and a human.”

Sara’s plan shifts. Now she also wants a new clone only this time, just a human one. She enlists the help of Nurse Ava. 

2. Behrad to the rescue

Meanwhile back on the Waverider things are gloomy. Everyone is mourning Sara’s death in their own way. I mean mostly they are all just drinking and are depressed. Ava’s current status is heartbreaking. She won’t eat or get out of bed. Ava doesn’t see the point of anything anymore. Nate can’t even get her to move. 

Everyone is at the table. Yet where is Behrad? Nate goes to check on him. He isn’t there. They all decide Behrad is doing the one stupid thing you shouldn’t do. Behrad went back to the end of last year to save Sara, before she gets kidnapped. 

  • The Legends want to go back in time and stop Sara from being outside at that point in time. 
  • They have to figure out which one of them wasn’t in the picture at that moment, so they can replace them. 
  • Most importantly, they cannot change the rest of the timeline in any way. 

Everything else needs to happen exactly the same. As we all know none of that works. It turns out Behrad was actually the reason Sara turned around in the first place, leading to her kidnapping. The team finishes the night back at the bar, drinking. 

1. The proposal

The saviors of the day are Rory and Kayla. They get Sara and Kayla sacrifices herself so the two can make it home safely. At first Sara doesn’t think she is worthy of Ava now that she is half alien. Mick reminds her that she is his best friend and a great Captain. Speak the truth, Rory! He convinces our Captain to return home and purpose to Ava. 

Now the moment we have all been waiting for… Sara Lance purposes to Ava Sharpe in front of all the Legends. Ava gets so excited she says, “Yes” before Sara is even finished asking. They both say yes! Our #AvaLance is engaged!

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