‘The Flash’ 7×15 recap: “Enemy at the Gates”

Civil war, drinks, and babies...things are a-brewing

The Flash episode “Enemy at the Gates” aired on 29th June 2021.

“Iris, I think we’re pregnant.”

Barry is at the CSI office (finally? Feels like forever since he went to work.) He falls asleep while working and dreams of Nora Jr. He wakes up, convinced it’s a conception dream.

It’s been so long since Barry was allowed to be so lightheartedly excited and happy on this show. It was a joy to see. He runs around trying to secretly analyse Iris’ biosamples to be sure before making the big baby announcement. Of course, his ecstasy cannot be contained and the team eventually find out one by one.

Doc Snow

Frost doesn’t believe Mark the Bartender Hunk is actually turning over a new leaf with his serving-as-witness-to-get-parole act. Still, she defends him when a gang attacks him for snitching. Mark is nursing a nasty cut (he can’t heal because he’s not really a meta), so Frost reluctantly brings him to Star Labs.

Hunk tries to ask Caitlin about Frost. “You can’t handle her,” Caitlin tells him. Haha.

Mark isn’t the only one needing medical attention. Ultraviolet needs surgery in order to remove her mask and heal her vocal chords properly. The now-former assassin is hesitant – surgery is what made her like this to begin with. She eventually gives in at Allegra’s insistence. Of course, the Godspeed clones have to show up right when they begin the operation.

Attack of the Clones

Team Flash pick up reports of Godspeed sightings around town.

Mark offers to help with the scouting (and he actually seems like he genuinely wants to have a mission-date). Frost refuses to let him. Hunk guesses that Frost still doesn’t trust him completely, and reminds her not to judge people on their past actions. She doesn’t appreciate him calling her “Killer Frost” and locks him in the pantry.

The Flash draws the Godspeeds away from Central City. He just about baseball-slides under the dropping Star Labs force field. The Godspeeds decide to keep punching the force field until it eventually wears down.

Hunk hacks the pantry door open just as Frost arrives to ask him to help. She gives him his gauntlets with a warning not to break her trust.

Chester recorded the clones communicating in their weird, droney noise. He figures if they broadcast it over the city, it will confuse the clones and prevent them from working together. However, the Godspeeds drain the force field. Chester runs to the time vault while the Flash and the ice couple hold them off. Gideon points out that Chester can just pipe the clone-speak through Star Labs now that all the clones are here.

The Flash: The Clone Wars

It works, and the Flash, Frost, and Mark (Chillblaine is still a stupid name, we need Cisco back asap) start getting hits in. But uh-oh, one clone finds the time vault. It breaks in and destroys the control system. The clones regroup and corner everyone. As a last-ditch attempt, Barry runs to lure them away.

The clones chase the Flash through Central City, eventually surrounding him. They start draining his speed. Then, another set of Godspeeds appear to fight the original group. Um, what??

Barry says he feels the Godspeeds wanted to kill each other rather than help Barry. It’s a Godspeed civil war. Dun dun dun…

Caitlin finishes the surgery, and Allegra frets over how to help Esperanza adapt to normal life.

A chilling romance

Mark concocts drinks to celebrate not dying. He cracks a really nerdy “chemistry” joke, something about sucrose and potassium chlorate (explosive chemistry). And then he sweet-talks, telling Frost he thought he was going to die, but would have been okay with it because he was next to her. Just as they are about to kiss, something pops and releases a burst of vapour. Frost investigates and finds a frozen solid in Mark’s mixing cup. When she turns around, he has disappeared.

Welp, guess Frost wasn’t completely wrong about him.


Joe and Kramer work on her brother’s case. Kramer tries to recall the mission that killed her troop but her memory is fragmented.

Kramer mentions that Adam Craig liked open water and wanted to join the Navy. Joe cross-searches boat registrations with Craig’s call sign, Ratsputin (that’s not ominous at all). They find a match and track it to a nearby town. Kramer is ready to storm off, but Joe reminds her it’s about justice, not vengeance, or she is betraying herself.

Kramer and Joe stake out the location they believe Craig is. Kramer gets nervous, remembering that after Operation Griffin, Craig became an assassin for the special forces. They notice a light coming through the bushes behind them and duck as an explosive wrecks the car.

And lastly…

Barry finally finishes his complicated CSI pregnancy test. It’s…negative.

Anyway, where was Iris this whole episode? While Grant Gustin did adorably well in the one-sided convos, I wish Candice Patton were there to play off him. She was also rather absent from the last episode. I do hope that both Barry and Iris are present when the baby confirmation actually happens.

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