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‘The Flash’ recap: 7×14 “Rayo de Luz”

Family feuds and a bit of (cough) family planning (cough)

The Flash episiode “Rayo de Luz” aired on 22 June 2021.

From the title, this was all about Allegra. There was also the return of her cousin, Ultraviolet.

See you later, Flash

Barry informs the team he is zooping Iris away for a “little vacation” (ahem ahem) per Chester’s suggestion. They are headed to a remote island with no signal, so they can “focus on each other while we’re trying to…”


The good, the bad, and things get ugly

Joe found an eyewitness who overheard Kramer secretly meeting with the man who eventually led the failed mission. The man was telling Kramer to “stick to the plan”. Though the evidence looks bad, and despite their differences, Joe doesn’t think Kramer is evil.

Chester Joins Allegra at Jitters after a DnD session. Allegra has been tracking UV, who appears to still be working as an assassin. Speak of the devil, UV shows up right there in Jitters, and it sounds like she’s there for Allegra herself. The electromagnetic spectrum cousins duke it out.

As UV starts to gain on Allegra, Sue drops in (literally). Sounds like the two have encountered each other more than once since the diamond heist. UV escapes as police sirens draw close, but not before warning Allegra to stop following her.

UV and beyond

As they all get patched up at Star Labs, Sue doesn’t hide her disbelief that Allegra wants to redeem. Chester remembers that UV’s in town to kill somebody. If they can’t change UV, they have to at least save that person.

Sue guesses UV will attack a free clinic. Then she reveals her cards: a photonic stun grenade that should knock UV out. Allegra tells Chester to sit out the mission because he is a pacifist.

UV is already at the clinic attacking a nurse when Sue interferes. The stun grenade (basically a cool mega-taser) works and Allegra cuffs UV. At Sue’s insistence, UV reveals she is hunting the doctor who made her a meta.

Locked in the pipeline, UV tells all the horrid details. Her mask isn’t because of quarantine fashion – her vocal chords were cut out during her procedure. SHE’S DARTH VADER. I mean, that explains why UV hates Allegra so much, because Allegra ran away without her. A guilty Allegra decides to help UV find the doctor, ignoring Sue’s warnings.

Into the lion’s den

Joe visits the Kramer about her failed operation, codename Griffin. Obviously it doesn’t go well. Should have just visited our old friend (and my fave man) David Singh. Joe’s now convinced Kramer might lead his former subordinates into danger. Kramer later asks to meet Joe. Cecile urges him to forget about Griffin and “trust his heart”.

UV trains Allegra to no avail. Sue starts a fight in the speed lab. Poor Chester walks in with snacks and gets hit by a stray blast. It’s kinda cute how Allegra calls him ‘Chuck’. UV rolls her eyes at how “soft” they are so leaves to kill the doctor herself. When Chester wakes up, Sue pesters him to talk to Allegra, but he doesn’t think he can change her mind. He latches onto a “yin-yang tattoo” comment Sue makes as she storms off.

Sue and Allegra discuss their relatives’ ties to Black Hole. Sue doesn’t believe you can get anyone out of Black Hole, even now that Carver is gone. But Allegra says that The Flash would keep trying.

Follow your heart

Chester has ran with the yin-yang idea: Allegra can use her powers to sense out Ultraviolet – with some help from a complex network of wires and sensors. This time, Chester insists on accompanying her.

UV and Allegra separately enter Dr Olsen’s warehouse. Of course the Star Labs team encounter security while UV finds the doctor right away. Chester knocks out the first wave with some hacking. Sue somehow ziplines in and single-handedly takes on the second wave. It’s like she has an endless supply of cool entrances.

When Allegra finally finds UV in the doctor’s lair, it is too late. DocO struck a deal with UV: kill everyone who knows about his work (i.e. Team Flash) and he will return her voice. Egged on by the doc, UV goes for the killing blow, but Allegra responds with her own Expelliarmus, finally pushing back. Power radiates from her heart area through her whole body. Her eyes glow white. She knocks out both UV and the doctor.

UV recovers in Star Labs, and Allegra delivers some hopeful news: Caitlin might be able to fix UV’s voice.

Broken Ties

Kramer and Joe meet covertly. Kramer apologises and explains: Adam Craig, her brother (not by blood, but through shared struggles) and the man she had been arguing with, sold out their unit and convinced Kramer not to lead them herself so she wouldn’t be killed with them.

Joe surrenders the Griffin file, and Kramer makes a trade on her own: a dossier she’s been collecting on Adam. She asks Joe to help her catch him.

At the end, Allegra asks Chester out for coffee, but he has DnD. So she joins the game, to Chester’s delight. “It’s just a game. With coffee.”

Barry finally comes back from his  “great” and “amazing” trip. He looks very happy. Meanwhile, we finally see what Frost was shopping for: the hunky bartender. HAHA. Frost thought he escaped from prison, but he shows her a news article that says otherwise: he was expunged for serving as an eyewitness.

Family, as always

That was a decently good episode of The Flash without the Flash. Kayla Compton got her moment in the spotlight, following up to Dani Nicolet’s act last week. Did she also nickname herself? “Supernova” is a damn cool name. Cisco would be proud.

‘Family’ was once again the theme of the hour, but darker than what The Flash usually delivers. Allegra and UV had a sortof happy ending, and even Sue found it in her to reconnect with her parents again. But Kramer is now headed for a possible confrontation with her found family.

Am I detecting a bit of Chester/Allegra incoming? Looking back, their tagging along with Cisco and Kamilla a few weeks ago looked a bit like a double date… I wouldn’t mind, but I hope The Flash doesn’t try to rush it for the end of the season. Which is only 4 episodes away! Gosh, why is this season so short??

Need to rejog your memory? Fear not, all our past recaps are in the Flash Zone.

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