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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Top Moments of 6×06 “Bishop’s Gambit”

Game. Changer.

Legends of Tomorrow 6×06, Season 6, Episode 6, “Bishop’s Gambit” aired on The CW on June 13, 2021. 

The last 5 minutes of Legends was a game changer! Before we get into the jaw-dropping cliffhanger, let’s discuss the moments leading up to it!

3. John’s Loss

John Constantine has been down on his luck. He wakes up to a house full of Legends. They are all using his stuff, messing with things, and he can’t get any peace. Even Zari can’t get him to relax. The issue is, no one else realizes what he is going through, except for Astra. Things get even worse for him when the group asks him to use a spell.

  • They ask John to use a spell to get the latest alien’s memories about Sara Lance.
  • He tells the group, he wants Astra to try it, as her new apprentice.
  • Zari thinks that is weird, until Astra lies for him.

Astra performs the memory binding for John. Based off of the flashes she sees from the alien, it seems like Sara is dead. Not only does John not have his powers, but now Astra is faint, and Ava is devastated. The team can’t catch a break.

2. Rory’s Rescue

Mick Rory and Kayla head to the same planet Sara is on. When they arrive, Amelia Airhart steals the Waverider. The two must come up with a plan to save Sara and get Kayla’s ship up and running. Needless to say it doesn’t go well. Poor Rory, he always tries his best. 

  1. Mick gets caught by the Ava’s and tied to a tree. 
  2. Kayla runs away and gets the energy cell for the ship. She leaves him there. 
  3. Bishop in his psychosis decides to lift the barrier killing all Ava’s, Mick, and Kayla. 

Both of them didn’t die and decided to work together. They manage to get the fuel cell back to the ship. Only to have more aliens attack them. This brings us to Sara Lance.

1. The Reveal

Gary comes to save the day. Gary enters Bishop’s base through the sewage pipes. Apparently he can do that with his squid body. Doesn’t anyone else think his abilities could have been useful in previous seasons? Anyways Sara wants him to find a fuel source and she will distract Bishop. 

Per her usual self, Sara is able to convince Bishop she wants to start over with him. He and she will have dinner. She buys Gary more time and keeps him off her back. Unknown to Sara, Bishop attempts to kill Rory. He thinks Mick is dead. 

When Sara finds out about this all bets are off. She starts beating Bishop to death. Well near death anyways. She drags him into the lab. Captain Lance is determined to kill his next clone to end the cycle. When she opens the doors she gets the shock of a lifetime.

“Where are those scars Captain Lance?”

We find out Sara Lance is officially dead. THAT’S RIGHT, CAPTAIN LANCE IS DEAD. SHE IS NOW A CLONE! Do we think this is really the case? Is there more behind it? We will see next week!

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