‘The Good Doctor’ 4×20 review: “Vamos”


The Good Doctor 4×20 review!

The Good Doctor review: Season 4, Episode 20, “Vamos,” aired June 7, 2021.

I cannot believe we will have to wait MONTHS until we see another episode of The Good Doctor. Hiatuses are rough. Read all my thoughts on The Good Doctor 4×20.

Romance and Friendships 

I am super glad Shaun is so supportive of Lea’s decision to go home to heal. She definitely needs some time away to process her loss, and I hope she gets what she’s looking for. Shaun goes to Glassman for help in processing Lea’s decision, and when he tells Shaun that he doesn’t need his help, it brought tears to my eyes. Glassman and Shaun’s relationship will always be there, but as Glassman said, he doesn’t need his help as much as he used to. 

In the friendship world, Claire is all about Lim’s newest romance, which I am all for, too. After Melendez’s death, Lim deserves to find some love. It’s sweet watching Lim trying to get Mateo to open up…but she has to be willing to share, too. Eventually, she does disclose that she has PTSD. I think her being able to tell Mateo that is really brave, but we all know Lim is a brave and awesome woman.

The way that doctor called Andrews out for flirting with her while wearing his wedding ring was AMAZING. Honestly, I am really surprised Andrews is doing that because I think he’s a really good guy. When she asks how his wife would feel, he responds that she’d be okay, as she is seeing someone else and has moved out. Oh no! He ends up offering up his wedding ring to pay for medical assistance, and I think that pretty much solidifies his decision about his marriage. 

Let’s talk about Morgan and Park — let’s remember I am a pretty huge fan of those two being endgame. Right now, they’re not at the BEST place, especially after the scene from part 1 of the finale. We shall see!

The best team EVER

It’s really sweet that Lea is staying with the woman who just gave birth. I know it’s probably not easy for Lea, but it’s so strong of her that she’s willing to help this woman. 

Like always, Claire has a way of connecting with her patients and family of the patients. I heard the news Antonia Thomas would be leaving the show, so it’s breaking my heart watching these scenes. Claire has always been such a sweet and truly caring character, and I hope they leave her character in a good place. She deserves only the best! Don’t get me started on that scene where Claire was handing out toys to all this kids — it was SO CUTE. It was also really cool that Lim let Claire take the lead on the surgery she was part of and it ended up going well.

Morgan goes to Park to operate on a patient on her behalf, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time. Even though Morgan is no longer a surgeon, she decides to do the surgery herself. I hope this goes well for her, but as she’s doing the surgery, her arthritis starts to flare up. Park seems to step in at the right time to take over for her and to see Morgan step back to let him help really shows how much she’s grown. 

Until next time…

Shaun tells Claire that she knows what she’s doing and she’ll be fine. AW. Claire has been asked to stay in Guatemala, and Lim encourages her to take the job. I don’t want Claire to go; this makes me really sad because Claire has always been my favorite. She says goodbye to each of the doctors, and it was a really bittersweet scene, especially between Shaun and her. Oh, here come the tears. I will definitely miss her character. 

After the surgery, Morgan tells Park that she needs a friend. Park admits that it’s funny that she’s being vulnerable and tells her that her face looks ugly when she cries. I AM LOVING THEM, but I am also appreciating the fact that Morgan is really opening up and being vulnerable. We all have vulnerabilities, and it’s great she’s willing to share them with Park, who we know she really likes. Just kiss already! But wait, we got something even better: We got them confessing their love for one another. Excuse me, I need to go fangirl for like a year. That was so cute!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Can you tell I’m excited? Also, Claire totally was shipping them together.

Turns out, Mateo is willing to go back to Cali with the group, and I love that for Lim.

Speaking of changes, Lea decides not to go back home. Instead, she proposes to Shaun. Oh my goodness — how sweet! Also, let’s appreciate how cute the team was when they told them the news.

That episode was really sweet, and I am so glad it’s returning next season. There will be so many things to look forward to! What did you think of the season finale, part 2? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!

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