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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 6×05 “The Satanist’s Apprentice”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×05, Season 6, Episode 5, “The Satanist’s Apprentice” aired on The CW on June 5, 2021. 

This week features the adventures of Astra! John Constantine is off with the Legends and Astra is alone to brave the world. Seeing as how she left Earth when she was 15 and reigned over Hell, her experience up top is limited. 

Pay the Bills

Astra wakes up ready to take on the day. The only problem is, she doesn’t know what the day entails. She quickly finds out what it means to be human. 

  • First she must deal with money issues.
  • Second, she must figure out how to fix the house. 
  • Third, she encounters racism. 

The former Queen of Hell attempts to find a job, fix the house and deal with her neighbor. Nothing she does seems to work. Everytime Constantine pops in, he promises to help, but in the end forgets about her. 

Allister Crowley

John has no follow through, which leads Astra to Allister Crowley. Allister is a soul Constantine trapped in a painting, so he would do no harm. Allister talks Astra into letting him teach her magic. Astra, desperate to try anything lets him. The catch is, she must trap John in his place. 

  1. Astra gives Allister 12 hours to teach her some beginner level magic.
  2. As you could imagine, Allister convinces her to keep him out longer.
  3. Crowley comes up with a sinister plan. No shock there!

Crowley wants Astra to take her necklace and use it as a source of power. In order to do this she must take a living soul and put it into the necklace. Will she do it?


Astra couldn’t do it. That’s our girl! Crowley sure could! He zapped the soul right out of her neighbor. Astra and the Legends tried to stop him, but, he turned them into cartoon characters. YOU HEARD ME! HE TURNED THE LEGENDS INTO CARTOON CHARACTERS!

It’s very hard to explain. You just kind of have to watch it. Basically, Astra gets turned into a Disney Princess. She must sing to stop Crowley using a spell her Mother wrote. It rids magic from the house. What no one realized… It also took away Constantine’s magic. Now he and Astra must brave the world together!


On the other side of space, Sara Lance wakes up. She meets a man named Bishop. At least we are supposed to believe he is a man. Bishop has the same old super villain story. The world is a disaster and he thinks he alone can fix it. Same old same old.

What’s his pitch? He wants to combine alien and human DNA to make a new species and live in space. Why Sara? He wants her to teach the species how to fight. He makes one comment that we can assume is important.

“Who better to lead them, than the woman who can never die?”

It always comes back to Sara’s ability to escape death. We do find out that Bishop is the creator of the Ava Clones. I guess that makes him Ava’s Father? I don’t know. I’m sure they will get back to that!

What did you think of this week’s episode? How will Astra and John fare? What’s in store for Captain Lance?



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