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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×04: Top Moments of “Bay of Squids”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×04, Season 6, Episode 4, “Bay of Squids” aired on The CW on May 23, 2021.

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow gave us some top Mick Rory moments. Let’s talk about them!

4. Mick 2.0

Last week centered around Zari 2.0. This week we get to meet Mick 2.0. Not there isn’t another version of Mick running around. It’s the same Rory, just a new outlook. Mick realized he was being a dummy, after his conversation with Ava. He decides to do something about it. 

  • He walks into the command center cleaned up.
  • His attire is professional. 
  • Mick has a plan. 

The team looks at him in awe. Mick discusses his plan and what everyone is going to be tasked with. Not that most of them payed attention to a word he said, because they were in awe. After repeating everyone’s tasks, he dismisses them. 

3. Roadblocks

The Legends travel back to 1962, during the Cuban Missile crisis. Which is the perfect time for Mick Rory to lead a mission. They go to the Russian base to steal the squid alien that crashed there. This is the same alien we saw in the future with Gary and Sara. The alien’s name is Kayla. 

Rory tracked down Kayla’s whereabouts. The team begin their raid. Only to find out that they stole a nuclear warhead instead of the alien. This surprises them, not us. They now have to get the missile back to the appropriate parties, or else they risk a war. The team splits up. One team goes to stop nuclear war, another to get the alien, and finally Spooner and Mick most return they very missile they just stole. 

2. Chaos

The dynamic between Spooner and Mick works very well. She is very similar to him, only younger. When they go to return the missile, Spooner wants to cause chaos. Rory being the new Rory isn’t having it. 

This is the Legends we are talking about, so eventually it was an all out scene. Behrad got high with their leader, Ava stole the alien out of the bunker, and Nate and Zari ended up in the White House with JFK. 

Nate somehow uses football plays and metaphors to save the US from bombing the Russians for something the Cubans did. Does that make sense? No. See this is what happens when you let Rory come up with the plan. 

1. A new passenger

Ultimately Mick’s plan worked. They got the alien, Kayla from the bunker and they bring it on the ship. Mick tells everyone they can’t trust the alien and they need to let him handle it. He wants to keep them safe. So he strands them on the ground. 

That is very sweet in his own Rory way. Now the team has to crash at Constantine’s, while Rory tracks down Sara. It is going to be a very long way. Rory tries to put down the rules with the alien, Kayla. 

Kayla turns on her human face to talk to him. Rory is in awe of her. This will be an interesting trip for the two of them. I can’t wait to see what unfolds!



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