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‘The Flash’ 7×12 recap: “Goodbye Vibrations”

Farewell to a beloved and long-standing character

The Flash season 7 episode 12, “Goodbye Vibrations”, aired on 8 June 2021.

“This is the end of an era.”

It is indeed, because in this hour, The Flash bid goodbye to one of its most beloved characters, Cisco Ramon. The signs were there, but it doesn’t mean we’d ever be ready to see him go. Fortunately, The Flash handled this final episode in true Cisco fashion – with bounds of humour and fun.

Taking things well

Cisco and Kamilla gather Barry, Iris, and Caitlin in the loft. They have something they wanted to tell them, together. “Are you pregnant?” Iris speculates. LOL.

The couple tell the team about their new opportunities. Kamilla has her show in Miami. Cisco’s been offered the position of ARGUS tech director. Wow!! The team seem delighted that their friends are getting these new opportunities, so much that they don’t seem affected by the caveat–Cisco and Kamilla are leaving Central City. “Tomorrow,” Cisco adds.

Cisco shows Chester the starchive. Chester nerding out about everything is so cute. Cisco then finds that he had some help packing everything – and I mean everything – from the Flash.

Cisco runs into Caitlin and asks if she has anything to say, bracing himself for an emotional dam break. “There is something I wanted to say…” Caitlin begins. “You suck forever, but I love you anyway. That’s from Frost.” Ah yes, Frost, who’s out on bail of some sorts. Caitlin then asks Cisco to return his access cards and computer passwords. Cisco is a uneasy with how the team is taking things surprisingly well.

One last mission

Enter scene, Rainbow Raider 2.0. Unlike her previous counterpart, Raider 2 makes people extremely happy, not angry. Or as Caitlin put it, “Loopy and susceptible to suggestion.” She visits some rich CEO and hynotizes him into writing her a check for 10 million in cash. 

Cisco jumps at the chance for him, Barry and Caitlin to solve one last case together. OG Team Flash!

Team Citizen are already on site, also tackling one last assignment together. While looking through her photos, Kamilla spots Cecile in the background. They return to the office for Iris and Kamilla to interview applicants for the photographer post. However, Iris isn’t keen on any of the candidates despite their good qualifications.

The Flash and Mecha Vibe confront Raider 2 outside a jewellery store. The old rainbow mirror they used to disarm Raider 1 doesn’t work on her. Mecha vibe gets rainbowed and starts declaring his love for Barry in the middle of the street. HAHA.

Back at Star Labs, Loopy Cisco is skipping around and singing. Chester is tasked with keeping him in the starchive. Loopy Cisco convinces himself that everyone else is planning a surprise departure party.

In actuality, Raider 2 is on the move again and Barry doesn’t need Loopy Cisco messing with his comms. Too bad, Cisco evades Chester and reaches the cortex, where he projects rainbow cat images onto the Flash suit. While he is distracted, Raider 2 rainbows Barry.

The Flash has always had Cisco

Now Caitlin has to deal with Loppy Barry and Cisco throwing a dance party. This is all sorts of hilarious. We even see Barry breakdance.

Chester is more than ready to join in. He almost forgets his ruse–he made a flashlight to un-rainbow Cisco and Barry. Right on time, because Raider 2 just stole a high-tech blimp. When Barry asks Cisco to reach out to Argus for resources, Cisco takes it the wrong way. He thinks they are eager for him to leave.

Barry and Caitlin find Cisco later. They admit that they were just putting on a brave face. They just didn’t want to make things emotional and make it hard for Cisco to move on. “I was scared that if we started talking about you leaving, I would ask you to stay. And you would,” Barry admits. Well, there goes my heart.

Emotions resolved, the team return to their mission. They discover Raider 2 was a debt collector who cancelled people’s medical debt instead. She’s going to drop all the stolen money and jewellery over Central City. Like a Rainbow Robin Hood.

The Flash, Allegra, and Mecha Vibe port onto the blimp. Allegra’s EM counters the rainbow and gives Flash an opening to cuff Raider, but damages the blimp. Barry phases Allegra and Carrie to safety while Cisco stays behind to fix things. He macgyvers his Vibe glove to gain control and steer the blimp to safety. Caitlin and Chester marvel at his quick-thinking.

Final Party

Cisco returns to Star Labs to debrief the team, but finds only Chester. Chester tells him they can have one last Team Chesco debrief, so Cisco awkwardly continues until he can’t hold it in anymore. “THERE IS GOING TO BE A SURPRISE PARTY ISN’T THERE?” he yells.

Cisco hands his tech schematics and workshop over to Chester.  Now Chester is too excited to go to the party. He wants to explore the workshop right away. But he promises to attend the “epic goodbye breakfast at Jitters.” They do their Chesco handshake and hug. Awwww, I love how they became such good buddies despite Chester being relatively new.

Cisco takes one last look around the cortex, basking in the memories of his time here. A montage of Cisco moments plays before he leaves.

Team citizen have their own classy dinner for Kamilla. Cecile joins. She is evasive about being at the office. Later on, she hears voices when she goes home. When she looks in the mirror, her reflection has a mask. She vows to find someone.

At the Westallen loft, Cisco laments how he will miss speedster food deliveries. Joe thanks Cisco for always looking out for Barry. Cisco gives away his graphic tees as memorabilia. Caitlin gets his Keep Calm and Han Shot First tee that he wore on his first day at Star Labs.

To cap the night off, they sing Poker Face karaoke. Badly. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The Flash hasn’t had such fun in a while, and it was only right that Cisco’s finale would be most fun. I thought this matched Cisco’s energy perfectly. He didn’t need a teary send-off. He needed to get high and say “No sweat Boba Fett, it’s all hakuna matata here.” It must also have been a blast for Carlos Valdes to film.

We also saw an interesting take on the good ol’ meta-of-the-week. Rainbow Raider 2 was ultimately just a plot point for Cisco to have one last hurrah, but she still had an interesting motive even with a lack of backstory.

Lastly, the Flash somehow introduced a gripping new arc for Cecile in just three scenes. I’m excited for her to become a focal point over the upcoming weeks.

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