‘The Good Doctor’ 4×19 recap: “Venga”

Who’s ready for The Good Doctor 4×19? MEEEEEEEE.

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 19, “Venga,” aired May 31, 2021.

Oh my gosh. Can you believe part one of the season finale is here? Because I can’t! I can’t wait to see what unfolds during these two episode, and let’s hope that it’s not as sad as the season 3 finale. Melendez (insert crying emojis here)! Be sure to brush up on what happened in last week’s episode.

Let’s see what happens in The Good Doctor 4×19!

And we’re off

Claire and Lim arrive at the airport, and according to Lim, they are super early. Ha. As does Park and Morgan…and Park’s girlfriend, who sends him off with a kiss he won’t forget. Ugh. Next comes Shaun, Lea and Glassman. Then Andrews with a toilet seat. Again, ha. On the way to the hospital in Guatemala, they come across a man in the middle of the road that Shaun is happy to diagnosis. Oh, Shaun.

According to the head doctor, they must pick 12 patients from all the cases. Wow — I’m already emotional. Claire’s emotions are also close at bay, and she’s visited by a doctor who tells her to “focus on the miracles.” I like that. I also like that Andrews has the nickname because of the toilet seat. That is all kinds of amazing, and I love this doctor he’s paired with for telling him that.

The doctors end the day with some food and alcohol. However, it’s all business with Andrews and Lim at dinner.

Meeting more patients

Shaun comes across a patient that has a pulse one moment and the next, there is no pulse. Claire is with a patient whose daughter tells Claire she’s able to translate for her because she’s watched “Grey’s Anatomy.” Unfortunately, the patient does not want surgery, as she cannot miss work — she need to be able to care for her daughter. Awe. Claire relates the situation to her past with her mother’s illness. 

Morgan decides to put the young boy’s case into the “no” pile. She tells the father that the surgery would be much too risky. This is so sad! I like that we are slowly seeing that Morgan is more than just the edgy woman with no heart. Always knew she had a huge heart, and I think that father thanking her for trying to help his son was just what she needed.

Meanwhile, Lea is also helping around the hospital. 

You won’t see that coming

The final spot is narrowed down between a young boy and Claire’s patient. The young boy ends up getting the spot for a surgery. The doctors later sit down to a dinner where things seem to be bit tense. Lim calls Andrews out for flirting with one of the women on the medical staff. Soon, just Morgan and Park remain at the table and when he asks how she is, she storms off. He follows her out where she’s quick to tell him to remember that he told her they weren’t friends…during that, Claire interrupts them. Ope.

Lim and one of the doctors head back to the hotel early. Oh, am I detecting some flirting there? The ride goes bad when the driver kidnaps them. UM EXCUSE ME?! Didn’t expect that at all. Nope. Turns out, he took them to a pregnant woman in need of their help. Phew. Together, the two help deliver the baby. Lim is AMAZING, but we already knew that. Oooo her and that doctor!!!

Lea goes into the room with a woman holding her new baby. She introduces herself and gives the woman a pair of baby socks she found in her luggage. So sweet. Unsurprisingly, Claire offers Lea a shoulder to cry on because she is the best, obviously. Lea does end up going to Shaun about how she’s feeling and how there’s nothing he can do to help her. She tells him that she’ll be going back home for a while. 

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • Morgan’s reaction to Park and his girlfriend was literally my reaction.
  • Oh no, poor Lim’s luggage got lost. Been there, Lim, been there.
  • I feel like any interaction with Morgan and Park is going to be awkward, and I can’t say I’m mad about it because I know they’re endgame.
  • You can definitely see the ice in Morgan melting, especially after the young boy’s father thanks her for trying. And then Park seen her react to it? MY. HEART.
  • Lea seeing the newborn baby breaks my heart.
  • Oh good — the mother ends up being selected to get the surgery after all. 

Next week is the second half of the finale, and we cannot wait to see what will transpire. What did you think of The Good Doctor 4×19? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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