‘The Good Doctor’ 4×18 recap: “Forgive or Forget”

Here’s hoping for less tears during The Good Doctor 4×18!

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 18, “Forgive or Forget,” aired May 24, 2021.

I mean it, I am not going to cry this episode. Although, based on the previews for this episode, it doesn’t look like things will be all cool and good. Per usual… However, based on the recap of previous episodes with Claire and Morgan/Park, I am excited. Let’s see what happens this episode!

Don’t forget to brush up on what happened last episode!

Father/Daughter time and a camping trip

The episode opens with Claire and her dad spending time together. I am glad to see something going good in Claire’s life. Meanwhile, Shaun plans for a camping trip with Lea. Camping has always seemed unappealing to me — bugs, heat, no plumbing? No thanks. In other relationships, Glassman comes home to a broken alarm and a fight with his wife. Things don’t seem to be any better between them.

Claire, Lim and Asher have a patient who Lim has been pushing for surgery for years. Finally, the young girl goes into surgery. 

Morgan is with her patient who confesses that he makes his own medication, which she immediately tells him to stop doing.

Here comes the rain

Lea and Shaun’s camping trip faces another problem: rain. After a while, Lea tells Shaun she wants to go home, but he is adamant to stay. She ends up sleeping in the car, and when she wakes, she agrees to go on a hike with him. Now, we know from the previews things aren’t going to go well. As Lea has Shaun pose for a picture, he falls off the tree, twisting his ankle. According to Shaun, he might have to have his foot amputated…unless Lea does surgery on him. Oh gosh.

Park makes a call for their patient that opposes Morgan’s call. Again, I am laughing so much at Jordan’s reaction to the two of them. Can they just kiss again already? We all know you guys have a thing for each other. Jordan definitely knows!

Claire’s dad tells her that he sent her money all while she was growing up. However, Claire says she never got that money and had to work multiple jobs. Unfortunately, their talk turns sour as Claire calls him out for leaving her. Poor Claire! During surgery, Claire tells Asher and Lim that she can’t forgive her dad. Asher agrees with Claire on that sentiment. 

Second opinions

Claire talks to their patient’s parents, telling them they made a huge mistake by not getting their daughter help years ago. Thankfully, all goes well with her surgery. Meanwhile, outside of the operating room, Glassman approaches Lim about his problem with his wife. She opens up about her ex-husband, giving Glassman some things to think about when it comes to his relationship. Lim always with the wise words.

During the surgery, Park admits that Morgan was right. She’s definitely going to gloat about that when he tells her. FOR SURE. His surgery ends up being a success, and even Morgan essentially tells the patient to keep doing what he’s doing to help himself. Park tells Morgan they should only keep things professional from now on, and she is quick to say no. Her face when he leaves — that wasn’t supposed to happen!

Things get worse when Shaun loses consciousness during Lea’s surgery. She is way too calm as she stitches him up. Soon, he regains consciousness as Lea takes a healthy dose of alcohol. There we go, Lea. 

Claire goes to her father and ends up forgiving him. Good. Hopefully he will be there for her because Claire needs someone in her life. 

More The Good Doctor musings

  • I need some Park and Morgan drama! GIMME.
  • Speaking of, Jordan watching Morgan and Park fight was hilarious. And everything after that was ON POINT.
  • Me thinks Lea and Shaun should just ditch the camping plan and go to a spa and nice hotel. Like I said, I am not onboard with the concept of camping. Hotels for the win!
  • I couldn’t not shudder when Lea put Shaun’s ankle back in place. SO GROSS.
  • See, this is why camping and hiking is not a fun time. I literally cannot watch Lea doing this surgery.
  • Omg. Glassman’s wife is leaving him?! 

Well, I didn’t cry this episode! The season is almost over, with next week being part one of the season finale, which I am not ready for. What did you think of this episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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