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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 6×03: “The Ex-Factor” recap

ZARI 2.0!!!!!!!

Legends of Tomorrow 6×03, Season 6, Episode 3, “The Ex-Factor” aired on The CW on May 16, 2021. 

This week’s episode was all about Zari 2.0! All I can say is, it’s about time! We’ve been going through Zari centered episode withdrawals. It’s good to be back. 

What are we?

We open on John and Zari together. They are trying to avoid talking about what they are to each other. Luckily Behrad interrupts them so they don’t have time to face their feelings. Why did he interrupt? 

  • Zari’s Ex is murdered in the future by an alien.
  • They must go to her future and save him. 
  • Where does he get murdered? At a singing competition.

So Zari and John are saved by a murder. They must go to Zari’s future and save her ex. This will clearly go splendidly. 


In the future there is a singing competition much like the Masked Singer, American Idol, and The Voice. DJ Smore is the defending champion and host of the show. Zari becomes the Wild card so she can challenge the alien.

The alien wants to defeat the planet’s ruler so he can invade the planet. He believes he must do this by defeating everyone in the singing competition. The team must figure out a way to stop him in case Zari loses. A lot rides on her for this singing competition. 

Meanwhile, she still has to balance the visit from her Mom and her feelings for John. Zari isn’t the only one juggling a lot. 


Our Captain is bit. The poison is slowly killing her. Gary must become the alien he once was to protect her from harm. Will he do it for Sara Lance? Of course he will. 

  1. A bunch of patrol people in helmets attack. Gary eats them all.
  2. Sara thinks she sees Ava so she chases after her. 
  3. Gary takes the helmet off of one of the patrol people and finds out it is an Ava clone.

Now we have more questions. Sara follows the Ava clone into the entrance of a ship. Sara waits until the Ava clone isn’t paying attention and attacks her. 

“You think I don’t know my own Ava!”

They fight and she wins. Aww, our Sara knows her Ava. After she knocks out the clone she walks through the entrance of the ship. She comes face to face with a man who has been waiting for her.

The Moments

Naturally Zari wins the voice competition and saves DJ Smore. They defeat the alien. Zari and John decide to give things a proper go. Ava gets a lead on Sara at last. 

Mick spends his entire time drinking and being sad that Sara is gone. He is the last of the original Legends and he is really feeling it. After a talk from Spooner and Ava Rory decides to get his act together and be useful. 

He notices one of the aliens mentioned the name Kayla. He thinks instead of tracking Sara and the aliens, they should track Kayla. See where that lead turns out. Rory for the win! What do you think about Zari and John?

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