‘The Good Doctor’ 4×17 recap: “Letting Go”

Anyone else ready to inevitably cry during The Good Doctor 4×17? Yeah, same.

The Good Doctor recap: Season 4, Episode 17, “Letting Go,” aired May 17, 2021.

After last episode, I am nervous what this episode will hold. It’s a safe bet that I am sure there will be more tears, but I am hoping there will also be some cute or happy moments. Not asking for a lot. Let’s see what happens!

Back to normal

The episode opens up with Lea and Shaun in the aftermath of losing their baby girl. Lea says that they just need time; meanwhile, Shaun is heading back to work. My heart still hurts for the two of them. 

Park and Andrews, along with a doctor from another hospital, are treating a patient. Apparently, the man was Andrews Chief of Surgery during his residency. Small world! Shaun meets the patient and joins the other men in treating the patient, disclosing the man has cold feet. The doctor disagrees with Shaun’s diagnosis. Andrews tells Shaun that he can’t join them and before leaving, Shaun says the operation they plan to do will kill him. They should probably listen to Shaun.

Claire and Morgan’s patient is a Senator that Claire is a supporter of, and she did not hide her fangirling. HA! It’s good to see the two women working together on this case — their friendship is so underrated.

Right or wrong?

Naturally, Shaun goes to the patient and tells him what he thinks is happening. However, Andrews gets a wind of it, telling Shaun to go home again. The other doctor tells Andrews that he would have fired Shaun. Oh ouch. Park finds Shaun in the break room, and it turns out Shaun’s theory ended up being wrong. Like Andrews, Park also tells Shaun he should go home. Glassman, too, tells Shaun he needs to face his loss. Poor Shaun.

Morgan ends up calling Claire out that she’s blinded by her patient, and she’s not making rationale choices to treat her. The woman is eager to treat her problem as fast and efficiently as possible. The press picks up that the woman is in the hospital, so she asks Claire for a lie she can tell the press. Claire relays a speech the woman gave at her commencement ceremony in high school that inspired her, only to be told that the story was all made up by her press secretary. WOW. Now that is crappy.

After all, Shaun does go home to talk with Lea about their loss. When Lea’s mom calls, she ends up talking about strollers for the baby. Oh no — she hasn’t told her mom yet. This is so sad. The call ends in an outburst from Shaun. 

Talking to the press

The woman’s press secretary spews a bunch of lies on TV when Morgan and Claire get a concerning text regarding her condition. Whatever is happening, does not seem to be good. In fact, Claire tells her press secretary that she could die on the table. Morgan and Claire both urge the man to call the woman’s husband, but he won’t do it. Again, WOW. Her surgery ends up being a success.

As they’re about to operate, Shaun bursts into the ER to make them stop the surgery. It turns out, Shaun wasn’t completely wrong in his diagnosis, even being invited to join the surgery. Thankfully, the man’s surgery is a success. The visiting doctor tells Andrews that he’s quitting surgery, something he just decided.

In the end, the Senator gets back into action as the press greets her outside. Shaun goes home and promptly holds Lea to him. Awe.

More of The Good Doctor musings

  • I love how caring the team is toward Shaun and Lea, especially Park and Lim.
  • Literally so so sad for Lea. SO SAD.
  • Anytime they show Lea, I just start crying. Why, The Good Doctor, WHY!?
  • I think Jordan is the sweetest woman and her coming to visit Lea at work was amazing.
  • I wish we’d get more Park and Morgan scenes to see what has or has not been developing between them two. Just get back together, ugh.

Okay, The Good Doctor 4×17, I am not sobbing like I was like last episode, but I am still sad. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!


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