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‘Supergirl’ 6×07: “Fear Knot” recap

Up, up and AWAY!

Supergirl 6×07, Season 6, Episode 7, “Fear Knot” aired on The CW on May 11,2021.

The Super Friends experience fear on a whole new level as they travel to the Phantom Zone! Our friends are fly off to save Kara. When I say fly, I mean it. The Tower is now a spaceship!

Off to the phantom zone

Alex, Lena, J’onn, Kelly, Nia, and Brainy head to the Phantom Zone in their new spaceship. While traveling the team goes over the plan. Each of them have an assignment. 

  • Lena makes sure the sun blaster and the ship stay intact. 
  • Kelly maintains the Q waves and teaches everyone fear coping techniques. 
  • Dreamer and Brainy will hone in where Kara is and keep the shields up. 
  • J’onn will help psychically battle any Phantoms that may interrupt them.

What’s Alex’s job? To lead the team in defense, while J’onn goes to look for Kara. You can imagine Alex isn’t happy about her role. She wants to search for her Sister with J’onn. That’s where the fear begins.


J’onn tells Alex she must stay on the ship. Given Alex’s love for her Sister, she hates feeling useless. He assures her she would be no match for the Phantom Zone. Alex is willing to risk it all to save her Sister. This is how her fear manifests.

Ten minutes before they arrive, Alex imagines she an J’onn fighting the Phantom. She gets cut and will now change into one. J’onn tells her she must stay on the ship. She locks him in and decides to save Kara anyways. 

This in turn puts the whole team in danger. The Phantoms become attracted to her scent and they attack the ship. Alex decides to sacrifice herself so they can save Kara. 

This leads into Kelly’s fear. Kelly fears that she can’t protect anyone. That all she can offer is advice. The phantoms attack everyone and Kelly realizes she may not have super powers but she sure as h*ll can defend her family!


Lena and Nia have some wonderful moments on the ship. We learn more about Lena’s Mom and how she died. The two gain a connection, both having lost their Mothers. It leaves us with a larger question. Why have these two characters not had more scenes together?

  1. Lena’s Mom gave her a book of fairy tales when she was young. Lena’s Mom drowned. Lena always pictured herself as the Kelpie. (In her kid brain that is what killed her.)
  2. This manifests into reality. Instead the Kelpie kills her new family, the team.
  3. Nia’s fear is as expected. She fears she can’t interpret her dreams in time to save everyone.

It is beautiful to see these characters getting more screen time, especially with each other. I look forward to seeing more.


We cut to J’onn and Brainy, who figure out what is actually happening. The Phantom is loose and it is affecting everyone on board. All their biggest fears are coming to life. J’onn isn’t affected because his years of mind training. Brainy is barely affected because of his twelfth level intellect. 

J’onn goes to fight the phantom to distract him. With all his family in danger, J’onn fights harder than he ever has. He kicks that Phantom’s behind and locks him back in the containment unit. Brainy gets the ship back on track. 


Back on the Phantom Zone, Kara is dreaming up a fear of her own. Her fear is that her family will die trying to save her. Sure they almost did, but they survived. They arrive in time to use Lena’s sun bomb. The moment, and I mean the moment, Kara gets on board the ship she zooms into Alex’s arms. Tears all around!

Are you excited to see her reunions with the rest of the team? I sure am! 

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