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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 6×02 “Meat: The Legends”

Legends of Tomorrow 6×02 Season 6, Episode 2, “Meat: The Legends” aired on The CW on May 9, 2021.

This week we saw a legend arise. We saw the birth of Big Belly Burger! No, this is not a drill. The Legends gave us the origin story of the infamous Big Belly Burger!

San Bernadino 1955

The Legends travel to San Bernadino, 1955. They are in pursuit of one of the Pod Aliens. This one landed in San Bernadino. With Spooner’s power they were able to track it to Big Bang Burger. 

  • The Legends arrive. They split up to search for the alien.
  • Mick tells them there has been a string of robberies at meat places.
  • Ava, Mick, Spooner, and John go to investigate. 
  • Behrad, Zari, and Nate stay at Big Bang Burger.

The team knows the incident in the timeline happens at Big Bang Burger so Behrad, Zari, and Nate get jobs there to keep an eye on things. Turns out Behrad’s first job was flipping burgers at a Mom and Pop joint. He takes the lead. 

New Planet

Gary and Sara crash land on a planet. The planet is unknown to either of them. They need to find a fuel source to fix the ship. When they arrive there they find the weirdest thing. A dog outside of the ship. He is carrying a huge bone!

  1. Sara tells Gary that if the dog can breathe out there they can. 
  2. They follow the dog to a cottage. 
  3. When they arrive they stumble onto Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart of all people! She was one of the people kidnapped by Gary’s ex-wife. She landed on the planet and has been there ever since. As you can assume there is something off about her. She keeps repeating the same story over and over again. 

“I got a bad feeling about this. We should leave right now.”

Sara tells Gary. They go to leave. Sure enough Amelia is an alien and tries to attack them. They make a run for it!

Secret Sauce

The customers at Big Bang Burger begin to get unruly. No one will leave after they’ve had a burger. They keep wanting more. Ava, John, and Spooner find out it isn’t an alien making the burgers, the secret sauce is the alien! 

How do they find this out? By kidnapping a man of course. Spooner’s radar starts going off. They think the guy is the alien but it turns out, he just ingested it. The other half of the team finds out the owner of Big Bang Burger’s wife makes the secret sauce. Ava, Spooner and John must travel to the woman’s house. 

Ava pretends to be a new neighbor and the woman invites her in. She gets nothing out of her and goes to leave. Then the alien goop drops on the top of her head. Sharpe goes to investigate the attic. 

Birth of Big Belly

The lady knocks Ava out. Turns out she has been protecting a giant alien egg sack the entire time! This lady is crazy! She refuses to let them take it. Spooner and John arrive on scene right in time for the egg to hatch. Out bursts, basically Mothra. Mothra eats the lady and flies over to Big Bang. 

The rest of the team gets all the people inside. Spooner uses her alien gun and kills Mothra. Unfortunately this means they won’t be able to track Sara, but at least it won’t eat people anymore. With the owners dead, the head manager takes over the restaurant. She renames it, “Big Belly Burger!” Alas a legend is born. 

Meanwhile Gary and an injured Sara are running away from the alien. What will happen next week?! 



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